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BEL-AIR Reboot Premiere Date And Where To Watch It – Trailer

BEL-AIRBEL-AIR, the reboot of the original started out as an idea, that re-imagined Will Smith’s 90s sitcom. Actually, the original propelled him into popularity as an actor when he played himself as a fictional character. Two years after the original show,  he landed a role in Where the Day Takes You, where he appeared as a disabled homeless man, and the rest is history…until now

BEL-AIR Spoilers – Competes With Other Popular Shows On Premiere Date

The original series was extremely popular and followed the antics of Will  Smith as the Fresh Prince. The show ran for six seasons and premiered on NBC in September 1990. With 146 episodes, fans enjoyed a lot of comedy and laughter. Well, it wasn’t epic like Yellowstone, but it was successful enough to attract the attention of filmmaker Morgan Cooper. In  2019, he made an imagined clip of the show that attracted the attention of fans and of Will Smith.

BEL-AIR revealed some hilarious scenes as Will moved from West Philadelphia to stay with wealthy relatives. Street-wise and sassy, many hilarious scenes followed. Well, Will Smith doesn’t reprise his role, as times clearly moved on. But, fans will see Jabari Banks act the lead role. Once again, it takes place in Bel-Air and follows a similar storyline as the original. While it should be popular, the premiere, which is produced by Will Smith falls on Super Bowl Sunday, February 13. Other shows that premiered on the same date include This Is Us, but Cheatsheet points out that some of them like MacGruder and Loud flopped badly.

BEL-AIR Streams On Peacock

The show will stream on Peacock but not in one big lump. The episodes come weekly in one-hour episodes. The outlet also detailed the other actors and they include Adrian Holmes as Uncle Phil. “Cassandra Freeman will play Aunt Viv and hopefully remain the only Aunt Viv this time.” Meanwhile, “Olly Sholotan will play cousin Carlton.” Then, “Coco Jones will play Hilary, Akira Akbar will play Ashley, Jimmy Akingnbola will play butler Geoffrey and Jordan L. Jones will play Jazz.”

BEL-AIR Reboot Premiere Date And Where To Watch It

BEL-AIR generally found a good reception when the official trailer dropped on YouTube in November, But some fans of the original on NBC doubt with will ever be as good as the first one. One critic wrote, “some things just dont need to be remade. The original show is a classic. We need NEW classics, not remakes of old shows.” Then another fan commented, “Sounds like they’ll make it into another Riverdale drama.”

BEL-AIR Spoilers – Some Folks Like The Idea

The concept of the rebooted BEL-Air attracted the interest of other people. One of them commented, “Have seen episodes of the original show. Am waiting to see how this adaptation works.” In the meantime, a few of them commented as they wonder about the popularity of the rebooted series. This comment arrived: “The original show deserves a spin off or a continuation. Not sure about this.”

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