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Yellowstone Prequel 1944 Is More like Original that Other Spinoff Series

Yellowstone Spoilers reveal that the new Yellowstone prequel, 1944, will be more reminiscent of the original Yellowstone than the other spinoff series. Continue reading and we’ll stir up some dust.

Yellowstone Spoilers –  Is 1944 In Production?

Yellowstone spoilers reveal that, according to Showbiz CheatSheet, diehard Yellowstone fans will know, back in February, the production team behind the show revealed that a new prequel, 1944, is officially in the works. And while details are still emerging, there are some ways that we know the new show will look a lot like the original Yellowstone.

Chief Joseph Ranch, often shown images from Yellowstone, is reportedly going to be the backdrop for the new 1944 prequel.


Yellowstone Spoilers – Producers Aren’t Revealing Much About 1944

1944 is expected to be at least partially filmed in the Bitterroot Valley. Executive president of production at 101 Studios, said the project is a follow-up to 1923, which starred Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as Jacob and Cara Dutton and was shot in Butte, Montana.

Ravalli Republic reports that Prince spoke about 1944 during an event at Hamilton City Hall. Though the producer held off revealing too much about the upcoming series, he did spill where the filming is going to take place.

Yellowstone Spoilers – What About 1944 Will Remind Us Of Yellowstone?

“Of course, we’ve got 1923, we’ve got the sequel, we’re not letting the cat out of the bag, it’s going to be called ‘1944,’” Prince revealed. “My guess is that it’ll be shooting largely in the Bitterroot Valley because it has to take place at what is Chief Joseph Ranch.”

As the ranch has played a pivotal role in the franchise, the Darby ranch, which has served at the Dutton Family ranch for the Yellowstone series, will still remain part of the new series. Though the time periods will be different, the familiarity will keep that sense of nostalgia and familiarity present throughout the spinoff series.

Yellowstone Spoilers – What Might The Storyline For 1944 Look Like?

As usual, Sheridan is holding back on revealing too much about the plotline for the upcoming series, we can make an educated guess that the upcoming prequel will revolve, at least in part, around the impact of World War II on the Dutton family as well as the ranch. Just as fans may recall, 1923 centered on events of its time such as Prohibition and the Great Depression, we can count on 1944 following historic lines.

We can expect that 1944 will similarly use the war as a driving force for the plotline, it’s likely that some members of the Dutton family will serve in the war and that conflict will spill over into the west where the show is set.

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