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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Pregnant-New Baby News Saves Her Life From Bill’s Wrath?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers and rumors tease that Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) could have a “menopause” pregnancy, shocking everyone including herself. To complicate matters, the baby could be either Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) or Deacon Sharpe’s, (Sean Kanan) but a bun in the oven could save her life from Bill’s wrath!

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Late Age Pregnancies Do Happen

Late age pregnancies do happen, and women can conceive even when menopause begins until it ends if eggs are being created and an egg is fertilized.

There have been women who have had babies much older than Sheila’s age, which is said to be sixty-two, with her having been born in 1956-menopause can last years. Sheila would be as shocked as anyone to think her menopause was complete only to find herself experiencing the signs and symptoms of pregnancy at her age!

The Bold And The Beautiful: Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)

At this point she would probably be worried about who’s the daddy, not likely knowing if either man had a vasectomy performed at their age. She ran into that situation years ago with Eric Forrester (John McCook) so the first thing she’d do is probably break into their medical files at the hospital.

B & B Spoilers – What Next?

Sheila’s taken an at home test but she took it in the bathroom at Il Giardino, not wanting either Bill or Deacon to know just yet. She can’t believe the results are positive and so she buys another one and it’s positive too-she’s going to have to find out if either had a vasectomy without asking them.

Bill has been unusually suspicious lately and she prays he doesn’t have people following her-so she goes back to her old tricks and sneaks into the hospital. She makes sure no one who knows her is working, and dons her disguise as a surgeon-she expertly accesses the medical records on a laptop and sees neither has been sterilized. She breathes a sigh of relief, and even though eventually there’ll be a who’s the daddy question, she won’t show for a while so decides it will be Bill’s.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Sheila Carter Buys One More Test

Sheila buys one more test and tells Bill her concerns even though he’s been unusually suspicious and wants to know what she’s hiding.

She’s honest with him and says she thought he’d think she was crazy if she thought she was pregnant, then shows him the test, unused, and then used. Bill is surprised although it makes him feel good that he’s going to be a dad again-makes him feel manly.

Bill apologizes for his temper when he went off on her about betraying him, and his accusations. He buys it that the thing she was hiding is her pregnancy.

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  1. Anla says

    I’m so sick of Sheila I could vomit……….I only keep up with the soap online and this will ensure that I never watch again.

    1. CJ says

      I’m right there with ya. Well done and over

  2. Syb says

    She’s 61 years old!!! I hardly think she’s pregnant!!

  3. Mary Smith says

    Don’t break up lliam and Hope. You will mess the show up big time. Hurry up and get Sheila out of there and back in prison. She can’t be having Bill’s baby. Put him back with Brooke. I am tired of the way things is going.

  4. Me says

    DISGUSTING is all I can say. So over the Shelia & Thomas crap I have not watched in a LONG time, just keeping up here. Now I know I will NOT be going back to watching ! This stuff with Thomas is getting pretty old. Just lock him up in a mental hospital and put Shelia back in prison where she belongs

  5. David Cuthbert says

    If Darlene Conley’s Sally Spectra could have a baby on “B&B” — and she did! — then it should be a snap for Sheila,

  6. Dg says

    Writers do you think we are this stupid.?! She is my age In her 60’s. I quit recording this show a couple of months ago. Just follow in these website. Nope not missing these ridiculous stories. As long as Sheila is on ther I will not be watching.

  7. Patti Helman says

    Are you serous??? Sheila is 61 years old!!! Come up with something better than a pregnancy!!!

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