The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, August 29: Liam Furious At Bill’s Sabotage – Quinn Taunts Sheila

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, August 29: Liam Furious At Bill's Sabotage - Quinn Taunts Sheila“The Bold and The Beautiful” spoilers for Tuesday, August 29th promises to be filled with excitement as drama ignites and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) looks to be caught in the backdraft. After Bill learned about Spectra’s faulty electrical wiring that caused a small fire last week, Bill quickly devised a plan to use it to his advantage. Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears), Bill’s minion, was put to work laying the ground work for BIll’s plan to take down Spectra. WIth already having had an electrical fire recently, no one would be the wiser, allowing Bill to destroy Spectra without drawing attention to his involvement. “Spectra is no longer a sorry delipidated obstacle to progress,” says Bill, as he believes there is nothing or no one standing in his way.

“The Bold and The Beautiful” spoilers tease that someone just might be willing to block Bill’s path keeping him from building his precious ‘Sky’ on the very spot that Spectra once stood. As B&B spoilers show Sally laying in a hospital bed, “This is the worst thing that could happen.” Bill’s son Liam, already uncomfortable with the lie about Caroline dying, suspect that his Dad is behind the fire at Spectra Fashion. Liam heads to Spencer Publications to confront Bill. Liam upset and disgusted at the thought that Bill was capable of starting the fire. “That wasn’t an accident, wasn’t faulty wiring… that was you,” Liam states wanting answers. Do you think Liam will come clean on all the lies and how Bill has been trying to sabotage Sally and Spectra Fashion?

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“The Bold and The Beautiful” spoilers indicate that Bill is not the only ruthless person in town looking to get on top. Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) still ‘recuperating’ in the Forrester Estate, continues to take full advantage of Eric’s (John McCook) hospitality. Eric tries to ensure Quinn (Rena Sofer), claiming to show Sheila the door the second she is well enough to leave. Many have tried to convince Eric that Sheila is physically fine and that she’s faking it just to manipulate the situation. Although Sheila has been able to get others to lie so she can remain in the house and be closer to Eric, Quinn has been on to her game from the beginning. If nothing else has shown Eric that Sheila is well enough to leave then, maybe round two of the epic Sheila and Quinn catfight will do the trick.

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“The Bold and The Beautiful” spoilers share that this time around it appears that Sheila might come out on top in round two. Previews show Sheila sitting on top of Quinn with her hands around her neck choking her as Quinn says, “Go ahead, okay, go ahead, prove to Eric just how crazy you really are! Choke me out Sheila, I dare you!” Do you think this would make the perfect time for Eric to walk in? Leave us a comment sharing your thoughts. You can catch “The Bold and The Beautiful” weekdays on CBS. Be sure to check back here at Celebrating the Soaps, your “B&B” source for news, updates, spoilers and so much more!