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Coronation Street: Stephen Ropes In Sarah In Sinister Carla Plan

Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates tease that Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) will use Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) as part of his sinister plan against Carla Barlow (Alison King). He will manipulate Sarah by making the latter believe that her mental health issues have returned.

This week’s episodes show Stephen carrying out his plan to stop Carla from returning to work. He spikes her drink with LSD to convince others that she’s having another mental breakdown so he can take over the factor.

Carla accidentally knocks Paul over, not knowing that she is experiencing the drug’s powerful effects. But she remains undeterred and determined to get back on track and return to work next week.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Recovering At Home

As Carla recovers at home, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) drops by at work to collect a few things and tells the other employees that she’ll return soon, leaving Stephen seething. The latter puts on a friendly façade and visits her at home to give her some documents.\

Coronation Street - Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce)

She lets him inside her house without any clue about what his true motives are. While her back is turned, Stephen spikes her water, and Peter rushes to call an ambulance. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Carla still wants to go back to work.

Stephen will do everything to stop her from coming back to work. So, he tries to convince Sarah that Carla isn’t doing well mentally. Fans know tensions ran high between Sarah and Carla after the latter discovered that she betrayed her by using the factory and her resources to establish a rival business.

Stephen wants Sarah to make Carla realize that she’s mentally unwell again. What will Sarah do? Will Stephen succeed in booting Carla out of her job?

Coronation Street Spoilers – Todd Boyce Opens Up About Carla Barlow’s Storyline

Boyce said that he’s not really sure how fans will react to his character’s sinister plan against Carla.

“I am not sure. She is a very popular character,” the actor said. Up until now he has targeted people who are relatively new characters that people haven’t really got to know but this is different,” he added.

“People are always very polite, which is funny because maybe they are a bit scared,” he shared.

He shared a recent incident at Sainsbury’s when he was doing his grocery shopping. He saw two ladies whose faces turned pale when he turned to face them. One said, “Ooh I don’t like you,” and added, “I guess someone has got to be bad.”

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