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Coronation Street’s Amy Barlow Decides To Drop from The University

Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates tease that Amy Barlow made a big decision after receiving bad news from the university.

In the previous episode of the longest-running soap, Amy was wrapped in confusion when Aaron’s dad threatened to sue her if she won’t delete her post on social media. The youngster once posted a statement on her blog, giving out details about the unconsented night. On the other hand, determined to support their daughter’s legal case, Steve and Tracy squeezed everything they had just to source some money.

The couple then decided to give up their flower shop business, leaving Billy, Paul, and Summer homeless. While Summer and Amy attended a meeting with Adam, they saw Aaron outside. Once again, the rapist stuck to what he believed in, which was Amy agreeing to get intimate with him. Meanwhile, the two girls bumped into Aaron and Eric, leading the latter to suggest that Amy must write a retraction to stop the issue.

Amy Barlow

Later that day, the teenage woman overheard Steve and Tracy talking about their plans to sell their business. After knowing their financial struggles, Amy decided to consider Eric’s advice and started to write a public retraction. Meanwhile, the table turned when Aaron dropped the legal case as guilt started to wrap around his soul. After acknowledging his mistake, the young man then left the cobbles.

Coronation Street Spoilers – James Craven Opens Up His Character’s Realizations

As he walked out from Weatherfield, James Craven shared Aaron’s realizations as the storyline was about to end. “When he read it, it seemed like she was backtracking on things they’d both admitted in the past which worried him because to him, it made it obvious that she was just writing the retraction to make it all go away,” he told

Moreover, the actor admitted that Aaron wanted people to believe his side of the story. However, when Amy suggested the youngster write the retraction, guilt started to eat him alive.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Amy Barlow Faces Another Challenge

During the recent scenes of “Coronation Street,” Amy tried to focus on her future following Aaron’s decision to drop the libel case. She happily told Summer about her plans to spend more time on her studies. However, her tutor gave the youngster some bad news – she needed to repeat the whole school year.

As a result, Amy got disheartened and decided to just drop out of the university. On the other hand, determined to help her friend, Summer told her that they will be redoing the whole year together.

Will this give hope to Amy?

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