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Aaron And Nick Carter’s Mother Jane Schneck Arrested For Battery Over TV Remote Dispute

The mother of Nick and the late Aaron Carter the former Backstreet Boys, Jane Schneck has once again found herself in dispute with the law for physically assaulting someone. And just like her previous arrest had a tv remote control in the story, so does this one.

During the early hours of April 29, Jane Schneck, 64, formerly known as Jane Carter back when she was married to ex-husband Robert Carter, was arrested and booked on one count of “domestic battery,” in Hernando County, Florida.

Nick Carter — The Reason Behind Jane Schneck’s Arrest

Jane was arrested for allegedly assaulting a male family member who she reportedly lives with. TMZ revealed that the male figure in question is Jane’s husband.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, both Jane and the man had been drinking before they dived into a heated argument over how loud the tv volume was.

Aaron And Nick Carter's Mother Jane Schneck Arrested For Battery Over TV Remote Dispute

It happened that Jane had the volume of the tv increased to the highest thereby making the man complain of its loudness affecting his sleep. While the two argued over the noise, the man picked up the remote but was grabbed by the hand by Jane as she took it from him.

Denise Moloney, public relations manager for the sheriff’s office told “The Times” that, “The TV was on too loud evidently. She had the TV on too loud, and music was playing from the TV,” she also added, “She went to grab the remote out of that person’s hand and grabbed his wrist.”

Denise also shared that the man was physically unharmed but “The charges are going to be forthcoming.” Jane was later on released after paying a $100 bond. She will be returning to court on May 22.

Nick Carter — Jane Schneck’s Previous Arrest

Jane has in the past had a tv remote control case. In this case, she was arrested and charged with battery for physically assaulting someone with a remote.

Back in 2004, Jane who was still bearing the “Carter” surname, allegedly broke into her ex-husband Robert’s Florida Keys home by cracking its window with a rock.

Jane went in and met Robert’s girlfriend Ginger Elrod fast asleep, and woke her up by grabbing her by the hair and off the bed before proceeding to beat her up with a tv remote. Although Ginger didn’t press charges, she requested a restraining order that was granted.

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