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Amber Heard Wants To Make Movies And Be Appreciated After Johnny Depp Trial

All that the “Aquaman” actress Amber Heard wishes for, is to do what she does best and that is acting. She hopes from the depth of her heart that she can be the actress that she is without being “crucified” by the public over the loss of the defamation trial to her ex-husband Johnny Depp a year ago.

Since Heard lost to Depp in June 2022, she took great care in staying out of the public eye but she has recently chosen to emerge and take charge of her life and career by coming out to support her upcoming movie “In The Fire.”

In an interview with “Deadline” on June 26, the actress told the outlet, “You know, I just want to make movies and be appreciated, as an actress, I don’t want to have to be crucified to be appreciated as one.”

Amber Heard — Heard Is Not In “Control Of Stories Other People Create Around Me”

Heard asserted in her interview that she has come to the realization of a bitter truth which is that she has no power over what people chose to say about her. She said, “I’m in control for the most part of what comes out of my mouth.”

Amber Heard Wants To Make Movies And Be Appreciated After Johnny Depp Trial

Before adding, “What I’m not in control is how my pride in this project and all we put into this film can be surrounded by clips of other stuff. That’s a big thing I had to learn, that I’m not in control of stories other people create around me. That’s something that probably I’ll appreciate as a blessing further down the line.”

The movie star hopes that people don’t have “stones thrown at me so much.” Having said that, Heard continued, “So let’s get the elephant out of the room then, and just let me say that. I am an actress. I’m here to support a movie. And that’s not something I can be sued for.”

She was humble enough not to blow her own trumpet and list how great of an actress she is despite starting her career at a very young age of 16. “I’m not telling you I have this amazing film career, but what I have is something that I’ve made, myself, and it has given me a lot to be able to contribute.”

“The odds of that in this industry are really improbably but somehow, here I am. I think I’ve earned respect for that to be its own thing. That’s substantial enough. What I have been through, what I’ve lived through, doesn’t make my career at all. And it’s certainly not gonna stop my career.”

Amber Heard — Heard’s Settlement Statement

After Heard lost to Depp, a lot of things happened especially since Heard couldn’t bring herself to accept defeat. She did the only thing she could think of at that moment— she appealed verdict the following month. Depp on his part appealed the $2 million she was awarded after the jury found that she was also defamed.

Six months ago, Heard and Depp reached an agreement which brought about the settlement of the case and it included Heard paying Depp the sum of $1M. Heard finally paid off the $1 million thereby putting an end to their defamation case which was heard worldwide.

Following her decision to settle the case, the “Never Back Down” actress issued a statement explaining that her decision was thought through and not done out of fear, coercion, or threatened to do so.

In the Instagram post made by the 37-year-old in December 2022, she said, “I have made no admission. This is not an act of concession. There are no restrictions or gags with respect to my voice moving forward.”

Referencing the massive social media boos and mockery she received during the trial, Heard continued, “I make this decision having lost faith in the American legal system, where my unprotected testimony served as entertainment and social media fodder.”

Heard went on to explain, “I cannot afford to risk an impossible bill — one that is not just financial, but also psychological, physical and emotional. Women shouldn’t have to face abuse or bankruptcy for speaking her truth, but unfortunately it is not uncommon.”

She further made it clear that she, “… will not be threatened, disheartened or dissuaded by what happened from speaking the truth. No one can and no one will take that from me. My voice forever remains the most valuable asset I have.”

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