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Ben Affleck Admits That He Used To Struggle With Money

He might be one of the richest Hollywood stars in the entertainment industry these days, but there was a time in which Ben Affleck couldn’t even afford a cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

In fact, the actor says that he and his best friend Matt Damon used to share a bank account while they were still struggling actors in Los Angeles. Here’s what he has to say.

Ben Affleck – Admits That He Used To Struggle With Money

While on The Bill Simmons podcast, both Affleck and Damon said that they used to share a bank account back in the day to help each other with their auditions before they made it big. Yes, they had to pay before they got to play in a part in a film. That, and they also needed to pay the rent, too.

According to Variety, Damon said, “It was unusual, but we needed the money for auditions, a weird thing in retrospect.”

Ben Affleck Admits That He Used To Struggle With Money

Affleck then said, “We were going to help each other and be there for each other. It was like, ‘You’re not going to be alone. I’m not going to be alone. Let’s go out there and do this together.’”

Matt Damon – Finally Got His Big Break

Damon went on to say that wasn’t until his big break in the early 90’s that they had enough money to keep the lights on. He said, “As long as one of us had money we knew the power wasn’t going to get shut off. After doing [1992′s] ‘Geronimo’ I probably had 35 grand in the bank. I was like ‘we’re good for a year.’ You were allowed to go to [auditions in] New York with the money. You were allowed to take out $10 and get quarters and go to [the arcade] and play video games. Eventually we were allowed to try to buy beer, which never fucking worked.”

These days, both Affleck and Damon certainly don’t have to worry about how much is in their bank accounts anymore as they are two of the highest earning actors in the entertainment world.

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  1. Windy Lynn Warren says

    I’d be more impressed to hear that Matt or Ben leave their Hollywood abodes, and go to those same “less deserving” neighborhoods and bring a whole bunch of rolls of quarters and surprise people using a laundromat that someone would pay for their loads that day. My churches Social Action committee does that, which impresses me beyond thoughts, words, or deeds. I grew up very poor in the 80s. Sometimes we had our own washer and dryer, sometimes my divorced Mom and us 3 kids would cart loads of laundry 10 blocks for clean clothes. I can imagine, back then, if one day a church, or movie star would’ve dropped a roll off on a whim, and most unexpectedly. Yes, paying for an audition is ridiculous, but didn’t that motivate the two to write a most exceptional screenplay? Spread the wealth. Even a roll of quarters at a time?

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