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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s Marriage Is At A Breaking Point

At this point, no one should really be surprised if they end up pulling the plug on their marriage, no matter how bad that sounds. There’s a new report that suggests Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are fighting so much that their relationship is on the ropes now.

In fact, because they’ve been arguing so much in public, there’s speculation that either one of them could file for divorce any day now. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s – Marriage Is At A Breaking Point

According to The National Enquirer, Ben and his second wife Jennifer are “endangered lovebirds” and that certainly doesn’t sound good at all. And just to think, they are only less than a year into their stormy marriage.

And while everyone’s seen the photos and the videos of the two of them sparring on the red carpet, at awards shows, and even while they are out and about on their coffee runs, the only two people who don’t seem to understand just how much they are in trouble are Ben and Jennifer themselves.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s Marriage Is At A Breaking Point

One source close to the situation put it this way, “He promised he’d make an effort to turn on the smiles, but the look on his face and his grumpy body language told the world the opposite.

It seems obvious these two are miserable no matter how much they try to fake it for the cameras. Word is, they are both seriously worried they are headed towards a full-blown divorce unless there’s some kind of miracle.”

What’s Next For Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez?

Sources further claim to The National Enquirer that Ben is simply just wanting some space from his bossy wife. She’s been dragging him along like a puppy dog and busting him over everything from health and fitness to brand building, house hunting and starting a family. Yet the only thing that Ben wants to do is hang out with the boys.

The tipster added, “She’s telling Ben to pull himself together, get with the program and stop being such a miserable schmuck, while he’s had his fill of her bitching and wants to move out for a while to clear his head.

Jennifer is not on board with that at all. It’s sad but at this point people are staying to take guesses at when the divorce news will drop.”

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