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Gisele Bundchen Says Her Divorce Feels Like A Death And A Rebirth

Gisele Bundchen is finally opening up about her divorce from the love of her life, Tom Brady. The supermodel says that while it’s certainly not easy trying to rebuild your life after having spent most of it with your ex-partner, she is certainly taking things step by step. Here’s what she has to say.

Gisele Bundchen – Says Her Divorce Feels Like A Death And A Rebirth

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the Brazilian supermodel talks about her life post-divorce from her ex-husband, Tom Brady. When asked how she felt about everything, Gisele admitted that it feels like “death and a rebirth.” She said, “It’s tough because you imagine your life was going to be a certain way, and you did everything you could, you know?

I believed in fairy tales when I was a kid. I think it’s beautiful to believe in that. I mean, I’m so grateful I did. You give everything you got to achieve your dream. You give a hundred percent of yourself, and it’s heartbreaking when it doesn’t end up the way you hoped for, and worked for, but you can only do your part.”

Gisele Bundchen Says Her Divorce Feels Like A Death And A Rebirth

Gisele also went on to summarize her marriage and admitted that while there were years in which she and Tom grew together, there were also years in which they grew apart.

She said, “When I was 26 years old and he was 29 years old, we met, we wanted a family, we wanted things together. As time goes by, we realize that we just wanted different things, and now we have a choice to make. 

That doesn’t mean you don’t love the person. It just means that in order for you to be authentic and truly live the life that you want to live, you have to have somebody who can meet you in the middle, right? It’s a dance. It’s a balance. When you love someone, you don’t put them in a jail and say, ‘You have to live this life.’ You set them free to be who they are, and if you want to fly the same direction, then that’s amazing.”

What’s Next For Gisele Bundchen?

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