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Jada Pinkett Smith Reacts To Ava Navarro Claiming She Emasculated Will Smith

Press headlines aren’t meant to be the complete story – heck, they barely give us an idea of what a story actually is – they’re there to get you interested enough to read it.

And yet, people read a couple of headlines and they assume they’re already experts on the topic.

When Ana Navarro accused Jada Pinkett Smith of not only emasculating her husband Will Smith but “embarrassing” him as well, Jada advised her to go beyond the naughty headlines to understand her story before judging.

Jada Pinkett – Smith Says She Was Once A Victim of Clickbait Headlines: “I Have No Judgement”

Jada is not about to cast a stone for a crime she was once guilty of. Instead, she wants to use the opportunity to educate Navarro and others who may be like her.

Jada Pinkett Smith Reacts To Ava Navarro Claiming She Emasculated Will Smith

Appearing on “The Breakfast Club,” the 52-year-old addressed Navarro and countless others who claim that she’s embarrassing her husband Will with her numerous revelations.

As the show went into its 32nd mark, the actress revealed the reason she’s unbothered about the numerous criticisms that arose as a result of her memoir publication and the subsequent interviews.

She began, “Well, I think if she took time to read the book, you know, I think that if you want to try kind of—if you want to just read headlines, you know, I could see how that could be confusing, right?”

“But the book is right here,” Jada continued. “You have two books you can read, actually; you can read my book and Will’s book.”

She said that while people have every right to their opinions, they should at least have a full view of a subject before attempting to have an opinion on it.

“I always know that anybody who’s saying that hasn’t really done their homework, you know, but you gotta expect it too because of what the headlines are; you know what clickbait is,” she said. “So, Will knows what it is, I know what it is, my kids know what it is, and more importantly, Great Supreme does too…That’s really all I’m concerned with at the end of the day,” added Jada, before she noted that she does not pass judgment or hold grudges against her detractors.”

She added: “I’ve been there, that’s like thinking I know based on headlines… I have no judgment because I’ve been there.”

People continued to have mixed opinions about it, with some saying that her approach to the issue has turned them into fans.

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