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Kanye West Caught With His Pants Down In Italy

Kanye West was caught his pants down in Italy. He’s in the midst of his European vacation with his wife Bianca Censori. The couple was caught in a compromising position, which had fans buzzing about what was going on during his boat ride. Keep on reading to learn more.

Kanye West – Caught With His Pants Down

Kanye West rode in a boat with his pants down. The rapper had a black scarf tied across his mouth. He also wore a black jacket and a matching shirt. Meanwhile, his wife Bianca looked like she was naked. She sat in front of him and squatted down on the boat.

The two looked like they were caught doing something bad. Tourists looked on as they took a romantic boat ride in Venice. But, it looks like they got carried away. One fan posted the pictures on Reddit. In some of the shots, Kanye sat on the boat with his pants around his waist.

Kanye West Caught With His Pants Down In Italy

He looked around to see if anyone noticed him. His wife Bianca had short black hair, which was wet. He held her face as she hovered around his groin area. Fans took to the Reddit thread to share their thoughts on these naughty photos.

“Yo is this guy ok? In the middle of Italy?” one fan wrote. “In Kim’s wedding country of all places,” a second user joked. “Anyone else feel like they must be on drugs at this point??” a third one asked.

Was The Couple Alone?

Fans took a closer look at the photos of Kanye West and Bianca. It’s obvious they weren’t alone since someone was riding the boat along Venice.

However, upon further inspection, there were other people on the boat with them. Another fan posted footage of their boat ride on the same subreddit.

Some wonder if they were having a menage en trois. One fan asked: “And so was the boat guy just standing there looking directly at Kanye as this was happening?”

“I hope afterward someone sanitized the part of the deck that his bare a** was on… wouldn’t want to be that person,” another noted.

“He’s a divorced middle-aged dad of 4 getting his groove back with his hot new gf who is allergic to clothes,” another summed it up.

What are your thoughts on Kanye West being caught with his pants down in Italy? Did you see the photos? If so, what do you think happened on that boat ride? Sound off below in the comment section.

  1. Fran says

    Just nasty

  2. Just says

    Who gives a sh#t???

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