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Kevin Costner Blasts Ex Christine’s Request For Him To Cover Her $885K in Legal Fees

Kevin Costner still has a lot of love for ex Christine, who he’s been married to for nearly two decades and shares three children with, but not when she’s sticking him with her whooping legal bills.

Kevin Costner Contests Christine’s Demand That He Pay For Her Legal Fills Incurred During Divorce Process

It might have been surprising to Kevin Costner that Christine filed for divorce, but not as surprising as it was for him to discover that she wants him to cover her legal bills. His response? Contesting the request.

On Monday, the “Yellowstone” star’s legal team filed a court document contesting the request in the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara.

His team argued that though Costner is the wealthier of the duo, Christine should be capable of handling her own attorney’s fees.

Kevin Costner Blasts Ex Christine's Request For Him To Cover Her $885K in Legal Fees

They also argued that the request was “unreasonable” and “nothing short of outrageous.”

The filing claims Christine, 49, has already received “$405,000 in fees, including an award of $300,000 in legal fees ($200,000 in attorney’s fees and $100,000 in forensic accounting fees) on July 12” and “remov(ed) $105,000 for fees from Kevin’s accounts.”

According to Kevin’s filing, “the Family Code requires the Court to assess whether the fees incurred and prospective fees are reasonably necessary. Although Kevin is the wealthier party with a higher cash flow than Christine, Christine is quite capable of contributing to her own attorneys’ fees.”

Kevin Costner’s Legal Team Accuse Christine of Making the Star Spend More Due To “Her Uncooperative Effort”

Earlier in the filing, the 64-year-old’s legal team claimed that “Christine’s argument that Kevin has incurred more in fees than she was awarded and what she took from his accounts is not, standing alone, a valid basis for an award of additional fees to her.”

“The amount Kevin has incurred cannot be the talisman of how much Christine should be awarded in fees,” the document read.

The filing went on to accuse Christine of making Costner “spend substantial attorney’s fees as a result of [her] uncooperative conduct,” adding that Costner “has had to repeatedly go to court to (successfully) obtain relief.”

“Christine’s actions increased the fees incurred by not only Christine, but also Kevin,” Kevin’s filing stated. “To use these fees as the basis for an argument that Christine needs more to level the playing field is nonsensical.”

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