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Kim Novak On Turning 90 And Living A Richer Life Every Year She Adds

Kim Novak’s life keeps getting richer every year that she adds and she keeps finding new ways to be creative. But that’s not all. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the 90-year-old actress opened up about her surprise connection to Pamela Anderson.

Kim Novak – Participates In A Rare Interview To Mark Her 90th Birthday

Kim Novak is living the life. She’s older, wiser, and happier, and what more could anyone ever ask for. In a rare move for the “Vertigo” actress, she chatted with PEOPLE ahead of her 90th birthday.

Speaking to the magazine, she admitted that she’s been finding joy in painting and riding horses in her Oregon estate that she hasn’t got that much time for watching movies.

However, she made time to watch Pamela Anderson’s latest documentary and it certainly blew her mind. “I appreciate the fact that she was willing to expose herself and be vulnerable,” Novak said of Anderson’s “Pamela Anderson: A Love Story”. “I think that’s beautiful.”

Kim Novak On Turning 90 And Living A Richer Life Every Year She Adds

Novak, who starred in classics such as “The Man with the Golden Arm” with Frank Sinatra and “Picnic” opposite William Holden, was drawn to the “Baywatch” actress after watching the documentary.

“When you’re inside of the person who someone is looking at, you’re not looking from their perspective,” she said. “They may see you as a sex symbol, but that’s not how you see yourself, and that’s what was beautiful about Pamela’s documentary. She was showing us the person she was growing up and who she was through these relationships, not of how it looked to other people, but from the perspective of how it felt to her.”

Kim Novak – Says People Appreciate Her Acting Skills Better Now Than They Did Before

It’s been more than five decades since Novak waved goodbye to Hollywood in favor of an artistic life. She now lives and paints in a grand house located in the Oregon coast.

“What’s wonderful is sometimes movies get less appreciated later and people get less appreciated,” she said. “But with me, it’s worked the opposite. I’m so grateful because I’ve become more respected as an actress. I think my style of acting is understood now, where it wasn’t then, because at that time in the ’50s, I think there was some overacting, making it too broad — too obvious. I just was expressing myself as I always do, honestly and truthfully. I think that the style is more appreciated, and so my life has grown richer the longer I’ve been around on this earth.”

Explaining why her movies have aged well she added, “I mean, in so many of my performances, I think they were expecting to see the sex symbol, and instead I gave them just the raw me.”

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