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Kylie Jenner Gets Tipsy After Boozy Business Meeting

Kylie Jenner Gets Tipsy After Boozy Business MeetingKylie Jenner gets tipsy after a boozy business meeting. The Hulu star showed off her work process, which involves trying her new drinks.

Earlier this year, Kylie dropped her new line of Sprinter vodka soda. She’s been actively promoting it in Las Vegas. Keep on reading to learn more.

Kylie Jenner Tries New Drinks

On Tuesday, May 14, Kylie Jenner tried the drinks on her Instagram Stories. She didn’t have a hard job. Kylie tested the new flavors. The reality star admitted this was her favorite business meeting.

In the clips, Kylie worked on her vodka brand, which premiered in March. The first clip featured a notepad and pen on the table.

Kylie announced that she was trying the new flavors from her Sprinter brand. The paper was empty at the time. She claims that she was still testing out the drinks.

She shared a series of clips of herself taking shots. Kylie Jenner’s dark hair was blown out in soft waves. She wore her signature contoured makeup look.

She was dressed down for the business meeting. Kylie wore a black T-shirt with matching leggings. She admitted that she got “tipsy” at one point.

“I’m tipsy,” Kylie wrote. “My favorite meetings.”

Kylie Jenner’s fans called out her brand. Most of them argued that the flavors were boring. The first round of Sprinter vodka cans included black cherry, grapefruit, lime, and peach.

One fan wrote on Instagram, “Boring flavors for real.” Another user asked, “Who would even risk buying this stuff?”

Is Kylie Jenner Running Out of Money?

Fans are wondering if the once self-proclaimed billionaire ran out of money. She released numerous ventures this year alone. Kylie Jenner released her clothing brand, Khy.

She also dropped her first-ever fragrance called Cosmic. Fans argued that she had too many businesses on the market.

“Literally not buying sh*t else from you girl lol,” one fan wrote.

“Every day a new product,” another user commented.

Despite her massive empire, Kylie Jenner is still focused on family life. She spent time with her two kids, Stormi, five, and Aire, one, on Mother’s Day. Kylie posted photos of herself with her kids on Mother’s Day via her Instagram feed.

What are your thoughts on Kylie getting tipsy during a business meeting? Have you tried any of the drinks from her Sprinter brand? Do you agree that she has too many businesses? Sound off below in the comment section.

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