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Taylor Swift Eras Wardrobe Malfunction Staged?

Taylor Swift Eras Wardrobe Malfunction Staged?Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour is making its way through Sweden this week, and the residents of Stockholm got quite a surprise when Travis Kelce’s girlfriend stripped down on stage.  Taylor’s wardrobe malfunction is certainly one for the books, but was it staged for headlines?  Keep reading to find out what happened to Swift’s dress, and decide for yourself.

Eras Wardrobe Malfunction

One can assume when you are THE Taylor Swift, you have an entire staff of publicity gurus and public relations geniuses. 

Of course, she also has the best of the best when it comes to wardrobe teams, promoters, and production crews. 

So, how exactly is it that the entire staff didn’t notice Taylor’s wardrobe malfunction before it was too late?

According to E! News, “After noting that part of the sound device attached to her outfit had “come undone,” the “Fortnight” singer told the crowd “Just talk amongst yourselves.” 

Following the instruction, Taylor sat at her piano bench and undid her entire ombré blue wrap dress in an attempt to make adjustments herself, revealing her black-and-gold bedazzled set underneath, which she wore during the previous Tortured Poets Department era of the show. When that didn’t work either, one of her crew members arrived on stage to help her.”

Taylor Swift – Takes Dress Off

We get it, wardrobe malfunctions happen.  And, she’s one half of a NFL power-couple, wardrobe malfunctions to boost ratings are a bit juvenile for her.  If she wanted to sell more tickets she could just bring Travis Kelce with her. 

She definitely milked the whole situation by stripping down on stage on the piano bench.  Taylor Swift has been performing her songs on stage for over a decade, you would think that by now she would have learned how to handle something like that a little better.

What did you think of Taylor Swift’s wardrobe malfunction?  Was it the real deal or staged for headlines? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here for more celebrity news and gossip.

Photo by ChinaImages – Deposit Photos

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