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Tristan Thompson’s Mom Andrea Passes Away From Heart Attack

Tristan Thompson's Mom Andrea Passes Away From Heart AttackTristan Thompson is no longer married to Khloé Kardashian, but they reportedly rushed to Toronto together because his mom, Andrea Thompson died suddenly. The news that she passed away suddenly arrived on Thursday.

Now, sources suggest that she passed away from a heart attack. Naturally, in difficult times, families unite despite their differences. 

Tristan Thompson – Has Been In The News

Recently, Kim Kardashian spent some time with Khloé’s ex. That news arrived back in November when they visited a juvie facility. Of course, that got speculation going. But families often have complex dynamics. Despite his cheating on his ex, the Kardashian family often puts on a brave face when it comes to supporting charitable causes.

Also in December, Khloé wowed fans in leather, and she seems to show the whole world that she’s just fine without Tristan in her life. That followed puzzlement by E! fans as they had a bay together shortly before they split forever. Anyway, it turned out that she wanted a child to look similar to  True. So, it made sense that she used the same baby daddy. But this week’s news was not frivolous or fun. In fact, Tristan’s mom Andrea passed away.   

Tristan Thompson's Mom Andrea Passes Away From Heart Attack

The Mom Tristan Thompson, Andrea Died In Toronto

The first news that Andrea passed away arrived via TMZ.  The outlet explained, “she was rushed to a local hospital where medical experts tried to resuscitate her, but she didn’t make it.” At the time, a possible heart attack was suggested by sources. Now, People magazine also talked about the circumstances of her passing. And, it seems pretty solid that a heart attack took her life. Shared on Twitter, of course, there are a lot of shattered folkk out there. 

Tristan Thompson News Mom Andrea Passes Away From Reported Heart Attack
People Magazine via Lacey Seabrooks / Twitter

The sad news for Tristan Thompson seems to spread fast, and the Jamaican Observer wrote about the tragedy. When @DrJamesOlsson shared about it on his Twitter, people commented in the replies. @Rules_Glitter wrote, “Omg! No way!” Meanwhile, others wondered if it was yet another example of “the Kardashian curse.”  

Worrying Number Of Deaths From Heart Problems

Tristan Thompson is not the first person to lose a loved one from a sudden heart attack this eyar. So, despite millions of people passing away from it every year, people seem a bit afraid. The news about Sudden Death Syndrome seems to be random when it strikes. One person noted, “Everyday (sic) someone dies suddenly of heart issues.” Still, that must be cold comfort for the Kardashians. 

It’s not clear i@SolanaToad was genuinely perplexed or not, but they wrote, “so perplexing…climate change?”

Perhaps in time, the news will emerge as to whether Andrea Thomspon had any particular condition that made her susceptible to death from a heart attack. 

Check back with us often for everything happening with the Kardashian family right now. Come back here for more news, spoilers, and updates about Tristan Thompson. 

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