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All My Children Vet Susan Lucci Speaks Out About Joining The Pine Valley Reboot

Susan LucciPine Valley spoilers and updates tease that Susan Lucci reveals whether she’s joining Primetime’s Pine Valley Reboot. Fans are excited to see her play Erica Kane once more.

This week, the actress appeared on David Yontef’s podcast called Behind the Velvet Rope. When asked whether she’s joining the cast of the “All My Children” reboot, the actress revealed that she’s still waiting for the project to come to fruition. The actress doesn’t want to pre-empt anything so she’ll probably confirm if she’s joining the cast of the reboot once she’s already on set shooting her scenes.

“I’m somebody who doesn’t like to talk about something until I’m on the set actually doing it. But it was leaked that there is a show in the works called ‘Pine Valley’ that Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos will be producing,” Lucci said.

The actress finds the upcoming project interesting. She noted that “it’s very, very cleverly done and it takes into the account the characters who the audience loves and it put some new characters in there that keeps it very fresh,” she hinted.

The actress was vocal with her excitement about the upcoming project. “They tell me yes. And I told them, yes, I’m interested,” she said.

Susan Lucci News – Joining The Housewives

Yontef also asked her about the possibility of her joining the Housewives franchise. Lucci said she would if she’s asked to join the cast. She may have not given any thought to being a housewife but she’s willing to give it a try.

Susan Lucci News – Movie About Her Life Story

During the Q&A session, the actress was also asked about the possibility of making a movie out of her life story. Lucci said that she’d love to see Ariana Grande play the part. She’s watched her on The Voice and she believes she’ll be very good for the role. She’s also interested in seeing Camila Cabello play the role of the young Susan Lucci.

Susan Lucci News – Susan Lucci’s Best Acting

The actress also revealed what she considered as some of her best acting scenes. Lucci recalled that time when she was still modeling. They were in Manhattan that day and she was posing in front of the Plaza wearing only a chiffon dress. It was very cold that day but the photo didn’t show that it was. She said that it was one of her best actings because she had to look happy and smile like everything was perfect.

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