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General Hospital Comings and Goings: Chloe Lanier Says Good-Bye, Finola Hughes Takes Break

General Hospital Comings and Goings: Chloe Lanier Says Good-Bye, Finola Hughes Takes BreakGeneral Hospital comings and goings indicate that there are going to be quite a few changes coming up for some of our favorite Port Charles characters. In fact, both Chloe Lanier and Finola Hughes will be exiting as a few new faces will be making their returns, including Leslie Charleson and Tequan Richmond.

As many fans know by now, Chloe Lanier is saying good-bye to her character, bad girl and villain Nelle, as she is leaving General Hospital to pursue other opportunities in the entertainment industry. She has reportedly wrapped up taping, which means her final episode will air in the next several weeks.

With Nelle out of the picture, this means that something tragic might happen to her. Seeing how she is so hated, there’s a strong possibility that writers might kill her off. If not, then expect to see her character recast by another actress. So far General Hospital producers have made no comment about Nelle’s future on the show.

Also, Finola Hughes will be taking the summer off. This means that fans won’t see Anna again until this fall, as the actress will be taking her annual summer vacation. Meanwhile, Leslie Charleson is returning to Port Charles as her character, Monica Quartermaine. She is schedule to begin taping as early as July 23.

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In addition to Leslie, fans will also get to see Tequan Richmond as TJ Ashford. He will be appearing in episodes this week and will be sharing scenes with his television mother, Vinessa Antoine, who plays Jordan.

General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times. Let us know what you think in our comments section below. And as always, don’t forget to check back with Soap Opera Spy for all the latest news, updates and spoilers on General Hospital and all of your favorite daytime television shows right here!

General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network.

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  1. Guest says

    No and if u want to see all the fans stop watching GH then go ahead a put someone new in Nelles place. It was the storyline we were all sick of. That was 2 years.

    1. Guest says

      I hate Nelle, so NO! That said, nothing is being said about the baby! Is the baby going to die? Survive? Be delivered? To much time invested in this baby to,have it simply “go away”.

  2. Guest says

    Yes! Chloe is an excellent actress! Find another role for her on GH!

  3. Guest says

    NO. Bout Time !!!!

  4. Guest says


    1. Guest says

      let her go. Enough of her.

  5. Annette Oliver says


  6. Guest says

    Please no more Nell stories

  7. Guest says

    If you hated her then she did her job.

  8. lbc says

    Please, please don’t recast the Nelle character, we have had enough of her. Let Nelle pursue other options in a nother town far far away from Port Charles. Don’t mention that she will be recast – are the writers just trying to completely ruin GH??? No more Nelle with any actress. If a recast is on the drawing board, before it is done, set up a poll on the different GH boards, and let the viewers make the decision as to the want or even the need for Chloe’s roll to be recast. Let the viewers have a say. If Chloe hadn’t decided to leave GH, she would probably continue to raise havoc for the next two years. Please, please no more Nelle. It would be so much appriciated.

  9. Guest says

    No. End this storyline

  10. Guest says

    Yes,she a great actress I wish her the best,but l want this story line to end so bored with was over down and taken to the extreme

  11. Guest says

    No glad Nelle is GONE!!!

    Wishing Chloe Lanier all the best because she is an amazing actress. She did an amazing job!! This young lady will go very far in acting! Best wishes Chloe!!

  12. Babby124 says

    GH – Don’t recast the Nelle character! Many of us long-timers watchers don’t like her! Finish her off and let her go…..

  13. Guest says

    Yes she is a great actress did the part justice good luck in future your career

  14. Guest says

    Chloe Lanier is an excellent actress! I wish her all the best!

  15. Guest says


  16. Guest says

    would rather nell go to ferncliff to b rehabilitated, she is the young carly the actress was great, remember this is GH, they all come back

  17. Guest says

    Yes & No! She’s a very talented actress.
    Not sure what will happen to her character. I’d like to see this play out before I’m convinced her character is totally out.

  18. Guest says

    Star I’m very happy that Chloe Lanier who plays Nelle is leaving general hospital!!!!
    I can’t stand Nelle . She’s is pure evil!!!! She has NO GOOD personality traits , and doesn’t have descent bone in her body. I really hope the writers kill her off.and don’t recast her. If she they recast her I will definitely stop watching general hospital !!!!!!!

  19. Guest says

    I will be extremely happy to not see Chloe Lanier who plays Nelle Leave.
    She’s pure evil!!! She doesn’t have any descent personality traits. If the writers recast Nelle I will definitely STOP watching general hospital!!!!!! I want her to be killed off the show, the sooner the better!!!!!!!

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