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General Hospital Comings And Goings: Jeff Kober Out As Cyrus’s Story Is Officially Over

General Hospital - Jeff KoberGeneral Hospital comings and goings reveal the exit of Jeff Kober, who has played Port Charles’ villain Cyrus Renault since 2020.

General Hospital Comings And Goings – Was Cyrus Renault Written Into A Corner?

Cyrus headed back to prison on Wednesday, but we thought he would go to Pentonville where half of Port Charles now lives. Instead, he went to federal prison and it looks like he’s not going to break out any time soon because Kober is off the soap.

It seemed there wasn’t anything horrible left for Cyrus to do. After all, he just held his own sister at gunpoint and shot an unarmed Curtis straight in the chest for no reason. Sure, characters have come back from worse, and we still expect Peter (Wes Ramsey) to pop back up any day now, but Cyrus seemed to have nowhere left to go story-wise.

However, he didn’t leave without a parting gift, planting the seed in Finn’s (Michael Easton) mind that maybe he wasn’t Chase’s (Josh Swickard) father after all. Will anyone ever figure out it was Cyrus who doctored the original DNA tests, to begin with?

GH Comings And Goings – Could Cyrus Have Worked As A Character

Cyrus Renault and Kober were brought onto the soap so that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) could have a new mob enemy, but that entire story went off course when GH decided that Sonny should have amnesia, don a plaid shirt, and become a bartender, a la Julian Jerome (William DeVry). Except Sonny is doing this in Pennsylvania and calling himself Mike.

We thought we’d get to understand Cyrus better when he was inexplicably turned into Laura’s (Genie Francis) half-brother, but all he did was whine about his mother not liking him. He had no redeeming qualities and apparently shooting Curtis was the last straw for this story. The show didn’t even establish his sibling relationship with Martin (Michael E. Knight) well.

Even Carly (Laura Wright) managed to win the mob war by donning a white dress and showing up at the warehouse for the Meeting of the Five Families. With nothing left to do with Cyrus, he is off to federal prison and Kober is out of Port Charles. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see if Cyrus Renault ever shows his face and ponytail again.

  1. Guest says

    Tired of Carly trying to be mob boss, can’t even take care of family

  2. Guest says

    So we need a new villain, all of the great ones are gone

  3. Guest says

    Cyrus was such a good villain. Much prefered Cyrus over Peter. The writers missed the boat re Cyrus. They are also off track with Nina and Mike. Come on writers, regroup and give GH fans some interesting stories to follow.

  4. Guest says

    Cyrus will be back..Where do you think the new 'shipment" went..

  5. Guest says

    Cyrus just needed some therapy with his BIL Kevin. It's not too late.

  6. Guest says

    So glad this is over.

  7. Ann Grubbs says

    No way no Carly and Jason!

  8. Guest says

    There is so much they could have done with Cyrus.
    He and Sonny would be a fun battle to watch.
    GH “heads” blew a great possibility.
    Now the man is nominated for an Emmy!
    Sweet irony would be he wins but they shuttled him out of there.
    Jeff Kober is such a terrific actor. I’ll miss him.

  9. JP1 says

    I have no doubt Cyrus will be back. Why would they bother to create all these "ties" to PC if he was going away for good. Plus, he's a good actor that made you really dislike him. The writers will find a way to bring him back.

  10. Guest says

    Jeff Kober did a great job making us hate Cyrus! I'm glad the ladies kicked his butt!

  11. Guest says

    When Carly showed up at the 5 family meeting, she SHOWED up. I’m not her biggest fan but boy she had some b_lls that day. I was like Damn!!! She showed she was in charge!!

  12. Guest says

    I hate to see Cyrus go he could have always stirred up some trouble he could always fit in I love Wes to they are such great actors they play they part so good I’m their number one fan and will continue to shout out for them

  13. Guest says

    Love cyrus

  14. Guest says

    PRISON Where He Belongs &
    SENT For All His EVIL DEEDS,
    Time For The Writers To Send PETER AUGUST To The
    It Out Between Themselves
    On Who Caused The Most
    Headaches For PORT CHARLES & It's Residents &
    With Any Luck They Will Get
    Rid Of Each Other Never
    To Return, No One Will
    Care & Life Will Go On,
    No One Seems To Be
    Missing JULIAN JEROME,
    Any Of Other Whack
    Jobs That Use To Cause
    MAHEM In Town.

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