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General Hospital Spoilers: Breaking News – Kirsten Storms Has COVID-19, Can She Return to the Set?

General Hospital Spoilers: Breaking News - Kirsten Storms Has COVID-19, Can She Return to the Set?General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveals that Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) has informed fans that she tested positive for COVID-19. She revealed the news on her Insta Stories and she wants everyone to know that she is as good as can be expected but of course is taking the diagnosis seriously.

General Hospital spoilers: Kirsten Storms Drops Serious News

Storms revealed that she has tested positive for coronavirus on a video in which she also gave them a heads up as to what has been keeping the busy during the holidays, and what kept her away from social media. Storms shared that she recently moved, which is always a chore in and of itself. Is there anyone who doesn’t face a move and halfway in think, ‘where did all this stuff come from’?

According to Storms she tested positive for COVID-19 three days ago. (see here story here)

GH spoilers: Kirsten Storms Tells Fans She is Positive for Coronavirus

Storms said, “I didn’t really get to like choose my move date, obviously because I would have not done it the day before Christmas Eve. That made Christmas not as much fun because I was completely exhausted but I am loving my new place and my new neighborhood….”

She went on to say, “And then three days ago I tested positive for COVID after thinking I had bronchitis. I was really sick the first day, first day, and a half, and now every time I sleep when I wake up I feel a little bit better so I’m doing good today.”

General Hospital spoilers: What Happens Next in Port Charles, New York?

Storms then assured viewers that she is doing ok and it’s good news to hear that she feels improvement each day.

Storms’ GH character Maxie Jones has a lot happening at the moment, something a bit like her real-life portrayer! Except that Maxie is facing dire consequences from her choice to hook up with a deranged maniac serial killing fool, have his baby, and now be in cahoots with the town big mouth, Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton).

For now their deceit that BLQ is harboring Maxie’s presumed deceased baby is the worst kept secret in town. With each passing day another PC resident finds out and at some point Louise/Bailey will be in grade school before she finally gets to go home with Maxie.

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    I want to say I am sick of Nancy Lee Graham and her behavior … she is luck she lives in AMERICA.

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    I believe SHE believes she is the moral compass of the rest of us. And I think her snotty tweet back to Carolyn Hennessy when all Carolyn tweeted was that she was going to miss Steve Burton on the GH set was completely uncalled for!

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