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General Hospital Spoilers: OG And Newbie Fans Are Divided Over Chase And Brook Lynn’s Wedding

General Hospital spoilers claim Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) was taken aback by her mother’s sudden desire to plan out her daughter’s entire wedding without even asking her what she wanted.

As Brook Lynn listened to Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer) rattle off every intricate detail of the perfect wedding day — in Bensonhurst — it was clear to Brook Lynn that Lois had been thinking about this day for longer than she herself had.

Brook Lynn made a good case for her mom, arguing that she was her only child — and only daughter at that — and that weddings were something of a tradition in her New Yorker-style family.

Still, she couldn’t argue the point strong enough to convince herself to give up the dreams of the wedding she wanted in favor of giving her mom a Lois and Ned Ashton Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) reboot — and some of the fans are ticked about it.

General Hospital Spoilers: OG And Newbie Fans Are Divided Over Chase And Brook Lynn's Wedding

General Hospital Spoilers — Just Tell Harrison Chase When To Show Up

When Brook Lynn explained her concerns about her mom’s plans to Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard).

it seemed that Chase was quickly on board with conceding to Lois’ wishes if it would make it easier on Brook Lynn to not have to go up against her mother or break her heart over this.

Brook Lynn wasn’t looking for a concession; she needed a bulldog to go to bat for her, and her future husband obviously isn’t that.

GH Spoilers – Leak Tracy Quartermaine Is On Deck

Tracy held her tongue and agreed with Lois because she thought it served everyone best that she do so. Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) had just finished telling Tracy how important it was to him that Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding go off without a hitch.

Brook Lynn was content and not clapping back at her mom’s plans. So Tracy assumed, with much dismay over Lois’ plans, that Brook Lynn was on board.

Learning otherwise made her feel like an ally to her granddaughter again, and she relished the opportunity to jump back in the ring with Lois and tell her how the wedding would really go down.

General Hospital Spoilers — The Fans Are Furious

Newer fans — and by that we mean those who haven’t been watching since the Ned and Lois era — don’t quite understand what all the fuss is about.

Sure, they’ve seen the flashbacks to Ned and Lois’ Brooklyn wedding since Sofer’s return to the canvas last fall, but they have no meaningful connection to any of it.

They weren’t there to know just how famous that wedding was, or how many women were desperate to recreate it — and Lois’ dress.

They’ll never feel what the rest of us OG GH fans feel during those flashbacks — the same way they still don’t understand why we would’ve been willing to see Ned ditch Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) to get back together with his old flame.

If we’re not getting a Ned and Lois remix, then the least we could ask for was a reboot wedding for their little girl. A string quartet and French champagne does not impress us. Sorry, not sorry.

Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead as the wedding plans are just gearing up.

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