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General Hospital Spoilers: Selina Kidnaps Sasha, Gladys Comes Apart At The Seams

General Hospital spoilers leak Sasha Gilmore Corbin (Sofia Mattson) has overcome incredible adversity in the last few years. Just when she thought she could finally catch a break, tragedy is going to strike once again. Being kidnapped by a mobster is the last thing Sasha expected, but Selina Wu (Lydia Look) is going to get her debts paid — even if she has to stage a crime with the very person who owes her big — Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burrough). It could be the perfect plan — as long as Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) never finds out the truth.

General Hospital Spoilers — Gladys Corbin Gets Her Hands Dirty

Soon, Selina is going to tighten her grip on Gladys in pretty uncomfortable ways. She’s getting tired of the runaround Gladys is giving her. Either pay up, or she’ll shut her up!

General Hospital spoilers show Gladys has a history of betrayal, having sold her own son’s garage to clear her debts the last time she got in over her head with Selina at the poker table.

General Hospital: Selina Wu (Lydia Look)

However, her charm isn’t going to be enough this time. When Gladys told Selina about the lump sum she saw one of Sonny’s associates hand over to Dex Heller (Evan Hofer), it got Selina thinking about just how much Sonny has to fork over. Her wheels are turning, and it’s Sonny who is going to pay just as much as Gladys, but Sasha won’t walk away unscathed.

GH Spoilers – Reveal Sonny Corinthos Pays Up

A kidnapping is the perfect way to swindle a ransom out of Sonny that he’ll never bat an eye at. He has the loot, and he has something else Selina wants, too — his territory.

Will he negotiate both for Sasha’s safety? It’s a risk Gladys will be willing to take since her daughter-in-law is seeking to take the reins of her own finances again and would otherwise soon find out what she’s done with her fortune. It seems Gladys’ only way out is to let Selina kidnap Sasha and go along with her scheme.

General Hospital Spoilers — Sasha Gilmore Corbin May Not Be So Safe

If Gladys isn’t careful, the situation could take a deadly turn. Just because Selina says she won’t harm a hair on Sasha’s beautiful head doesn’t mean she’ll stick to that agreement if Sonny doesn’t make the ends meet.

The whole point is to extort the mob boss of his empire, and he just might not be willing to play that kind of hard ball. If Sonny thinks he can find Sasha instead, he might hold off on paying that debt disguised as a ransom.

Will Gladys be able to keep a lid on it when she thinks Sasha is really in trouble? Let us know what you think and keep checking back for more GH news and spoilers just ahead.

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