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General Hospital Spoilers: Tracy Quartermaine Is Martin Grey’s Mystery Client

Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) have had a blissful relationship until now. The two found each other during a December 2021 Christmas party at General Hospital and have been a couple ever since.

The pairing delighted fans, who were happy to see Lucy finally move on from Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom). The attorney and the founder of Deception were the perfect match. Their relationship has been going strong, except when Martin believed his beloved Lucy was dead after being shot. Thankfully, she was very much alive and held captive by the evil Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy).

The relationship is now showing signs of trouble and the cause may very well be Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliott).

General Hospital: Tracy Quartermaine

General Hospital Spoilers – Lucy Coe Becomes Suspicious Of Martin On General Hospital

Lucy Coe adores her beloved Marty and he feels the same about her. But he has now made it clear that he has no interest in getting married. In front of him, she agreed but later confided in her friend Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattson) that she would like to marry the man she loves.

Ms. Coe also tried to give her boyfriend credit for coming up with the idea for The Deceptor, but Martin insisted it was all Lucy.

Later, he received a notification on his phone that $50,000 was deposited into his account. Where did that money come from?

Lucy is a smart woman and is beginning to see that something is off about her boyfriend. She will bring in her good friend and private investigator Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) to look into what Marty is up to. It won’t be long until Felicia uncovers something.

GH Spoilers – Tracy Quartermaine Is Up To Something On General Hospital

Tracy is always up to something. She is back in Port Charles and her usual scheming. This time, she blackmailed her own granddaughter to go back to work at Deception and do some spying. So far, Brooke Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) has no idea why or what she is looking for.

Tracy has a strange interest in Deception which she has never had before. This may have something to do with The Deceptor, which is sending the company’s sales through the roof. Like most Quartermaines, Tracy is always about the money, so Deception’s successful new venture would be of interest to her.

There is suddenly some mystery around Lucy’s company. Martin really may have planted the seed with his girlfriend to come up with her successful new product and it may have been at Tracy’s request.

Tracy could easily pay Martin $50,000 and a lot more to help her possibly takeover Deception. Plus, she may ask Brooke Lynn to do the same.

Hopefully, Felicia will come to the rescue and find out if Tracy is up to no good. Plus, BLQ may not go along with what Tracy is scheming, even if it means losing Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) once again. She won’t want to hurt her friends at Deception and could start working against her granny.

Keep watching General Hospital to find out if Tracy is working behind the scenes.

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