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General Hospital’s Lynn Herring Talks About What’s Ahead For Lucy, Her New Book and More

General Hospital's Lynn Herring Talks About What's Ahead For Lucy, Her New Book and MoreLucy Coe is one of the longest-staying characters in General Hospital. She has come and go, like many other characters, but fans can expect some exciting things for her in the near future. Lynn Herring teased about it.

In an interview with Soap Central, Lynn Herring teased that Lucy will be involved in the Ryan storyline. The serial killer storyline has been going on recently, but Lucy has not been part of it that much. So Herring is looking forward to what’s more of that story coming up.

“I spoke with the powers that be this week, and they said there is some fun stuff coming up that they think the audience is going to really like. It’s for the anniversary show and some Ryan stuff, so I’m very excited,” Herring shared.

Herring, who has been managing her own farm in Northern California, also shared that she would love to be back anytime for some juicier stuff for Lucy. “I am forever grateful, so any time they want me to come, I would. I would actually come more,” she said. “And it would be fun to have some meatier stuff occasionally, just to see how she reacts to some of the new people in the new storylines.”

General Hospital's Lynn Herring Talks About What's Ahead For Lucy, Her New Book and MoreMeanwhile, fans are also delighted that the book Lucy Coe is promoting on-screen can be bought in real life. It’s the title is “Travel Guide to Port Charles: When to Go, Where to Live, Who to Love and Who to Never, Ever Cross in America’s Most Dramatic City,” that is actually written by Chris Van Etten, co-head writer of General Hospital. The book is written by Lucy Coe on the soap, which brought the character back into the spotlight.

Herring said that the book brings back memories and it’s really written well. It’s funny and it captures Lucy’s true voice, albeit more cleverly. “Chris is smarter than Lucy!” Herring said laughing. “He really captured it better, and his wealth of knowledge is amazing to me.”

The travel guide to Port Charles is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Indiebound, Indigo, and Disney, among other retailers. BUY THE BOOK HERE!

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