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The Way Home Season 3 Spoilers: Is A Del/Jacob Reunion On The Horizon?

The Way Home Season 3 Spoilers: Is A Del/Jacob Reunion On The Horizon?As The Way Home fans brace themselves for the show’s Season 3 premiere, which will likely unravel sometime in 2025, there are so many storylines to get excited about.

One major one is the aftermath of the Colton Landry (Jefferson Brown) reveal, and another potential one is getting to see what will unfold now that Jacob Landry (Remy Smith) has returned to the present time.

For so many years Del Landry (Andie MacDowell) was put through heartache, turmoil, and trauma over the loss of her son. How will she react if and when she finally has him back?

The Way Home Season 3 Spoilers –  Andie MacDowell Comments On A Potential Del/Jacob Reunion

Actress Andie MacDowell recently talked about a possible Del/Jacob reunion with TV Line. She starts off by saying that she believes it will be “a lot to process” for Del.

She adds, “I think the only thing in the immediate reaction is really not to think [anything] other than that is her son. That’s it. There’s nothing else but I have my son.”

As time goes by, Del may start to experience different emotions and possibly ask more questions. There are so many moving pieces that need to unravel throughout Season 3, especially where Kat Landry (Chyler Leigh) and all the secrets she’s willing – and not willing – to share.

The Way Home Season 3 Spoilers: Andie MacDowell Shares Favorite Scene From Season 2

During her TV Line interview, MacDowell also shares her favorite scene from last season. She notes that she “had fun” skinny dipping, and she believed it was “a good thing to do at my age.”

Fans may recall the scene between Del and her romantic interest Sam Bishop (Robert Stewart) when the two share a moment near the water. He wants her to keep swimming and tells her to join him. As he takes his clothes off for the night dip, Del isn’t so sure at first.

While she only ends up stripping down to her undies, she does end up in the cold waters. McDowel notes that, “I think it’s powerful for women to see the image of a woman being brave.”

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