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90 Day Fiance’ Recap December 16: Larissa Embarrasses Colt, Vegas Wedding Drama, And More Tears

90 Day Fiance’ Recap December 16: Larissa Embarrasses Colt, Vegas Wedding Drama, And More TearsThe 90 Day Fiance recap for December 16 kicks off with Jay and Ashley packing to go to Vegas to get married. Natalie comes over beating the door down. Natalie is mad because Ashley hasn’t been talking to her.

Jay and Ashley

Ashley doesn’t believe that Jay has cheated on her and there is no proof that he has. Natalie demands that Ashley needs to be fixing their relationship. Natalie says Ashley deserves better than Jay. Natalie accuses Jay of ruining her relationship with Ashley. Jay says it wasn’t his idea for Ashley to not be friends with Natalie. Ashley tells Natalie the conversation is over. Natalie stands outside yelling for Ashley to come out after she goes inside. Jay suggests they call the cops because of Natalie’s actions. Natalie says Ashley is running away from her problems. Natalie finally leaves.

Jay and Ashley are in Vegas and today is their wedding day. Ashley and Jay are disappointed that they didn’t have a big wedding, but they regrouped and went to Vegas. Jay says it is a good thing that he made his mind up to settle down. Ashley tells him he was a whore. Jay says they have a couple more hours of freedom, so they go for a swim. Jay says Vegas reminds him of Jamaica. Jay wants to stay in Vegas and not go back to Pennsylvania. Jay and Ashley talk about sex, she says it is important in any marriage.

Colt and Larissa

Larissa has gotten upset and gave Colt his ring back. Colt is upset that Larissa has fought with his mother and his cousin. Colt and Larissa argued over him accusing her of being dramatic. Colt is looking for one-way tickets to Brazil because he can’t live with someone who acts like Larissa. Larissa is sorry for giving Colt the ring back and goes to apologize to him; she still wants to marry Colt. Larissa tells Colt she put the ring back on, Larissa asks Colt what he is doing. Colt tells Larissa if she isn’t happy, she shouldn’t be there. Colt says she hurt his feelings and broke his heart. Larissa tells Colt he should have protected her when John attacked her. Colt tells Larissa she is alienating him for his family. Larissa says Debbie said things about her to John and turned him against her. Colt tells Larissa she needs to talk to him about things that upset her instead of acting like a child. Colt tells Larissa if this happens again, it’s over.

Larissa has promised Colt that she won’t lose her temper anymore. Colt’s friends Andrew and Angela are on a double date with Colt and Larissa. Colt wants Larissa to be reasonable; if she acts up again, they won’t get married. Larissa is mad because Colt hasn’t complimented her on her makeup. Larissa tells Colt he doesn’t give her compliments unless he wants sex. Larissa says a real man doesn’t act like this. Andrew and Angela want them to work this out. Larissa tells Colt he doesn’t give her compliments. Colt says he works all day and put up with her etc. Colt doesn’t understand why Larissa cannot be more patient. Colt tells Larissa maybe the problem is her. Colt says he could do everything that Larissa wants and still not win.

Colt feels embarrassed by Larissa’s actions. Colt tells Larissa he loves everything about her and thinks she looks beautiful. Larissa knows she has a temper, but Colt needs to pay more attention to her. Angela says colt was caught off guard by Larissa’s actions. Colt is never because they had had issues over this waitress before. Larissa is waiting to see how Colt reacts. Colt tries not to make eye contact with the waitress. Larissa tells them about the last time. Colt doesn’t want to have to worry about what Larissa will do next. Andrew tells Larissa he thinks she is a little insecure. Colt agrees that he doesn’t give Larissa enough compliments, but he does love her. Larissa says the need to communicate more and she thinks the woman should be the man’s best friend.

Steven And Olga

Steven is leaving Russia in two weeks, and he wants to get the baby’s U.S. citizenship. Olga is excited to move to America, but she and Steven are always fighting. Steven wants to take the baby to America with him. The baby has to go to the embassy to get his Visa. Steven tells Olga she wouldn’t have a say in him leaving the country with the baby. Steve tells Olga if her Visa gets denied, he can take the baby to America to grow up.

Steven and Olga are on the way to the embassy with the baby. Steven checks to make sure they have everything they need for the baby’s citizenship. Olga is nervous, and she’s not allowed in the embassy because she’s not an American Citizen. Olga says it will destroy her if Steven takes the baby to America.

Olga hasn’t been away from the baby for over an hour before; he’s screaming when Steven brings him back to her. Steven got the baby his passport. Steven says the baby is ok to stay there, but he wants to take the baby home with him. Olga wants to keep the baby with her and them come to America together. Olga tries to explain to Steven that she wants to be with the baby too. Olga walks off camera.

Kalani and Asuelu

Kalani has found out that she is pregnant again. Kalani and Asuelu are at the doctor for an ultrasound. Kalani seems to be overwhelmed. Kalani is five weeks pregnant and knows her family will be disappointed. Kalani blames Asuelu because he doesn’t like to use condoms. They decide to tell her mother first. Kalani’s mom asks what is wrong. Asuelu worried that Lisa wouldn’t be happy about the baby.

Asuelu tells Lisa that Kalani is pregnant. Kalani is crying, and Lisa asks if they planned the baby. Kalani feels like everyone is going to be mad. Kalani asks Asuelu to take the baby home so she can talk to her mom. Kalani feels like this is a stupid time to do this. Lisa doesn’t understand how Asuelu doesn’t understand why Kalani is upset. Lisa asks if Asuelu wants to have another baby to stay in America. Kalani blames the pregnancy on Asuelu.

Kalani and Asuelu go out for ice cream. Kalani is confused, and Asuelu is worried that she doesn’t want to get married anymore. Kalani wants to talk about what is going on right now. Kalani blames Asuelu although it takes two to make a baby. Kalani feels like they have a lot of new problems. Kalani is willing to work through the problems and get married. Kalani feels better about the pregnancy, but she needs to focus on the marriage. Asuelu is ready to get married now, Kalani doesn’t want to give her family any more reasons to doubt Asuelu. Kalani hasn’t told Kolini about the baby and feels she will be upset because of that.

Eric and Leida

Leida has thrown Tasha out of the apartment, and Eric has backed her decision. Leida feels bad because she knows Eric loves his daughter, but they need the room for her son. Leida feels that she deserves to be the priority. Eric asked what caused the argument between Leida and Tasha. Leida tells Eric everything Tasha said to her. Eric doesn’t like being forced to choose between his daughter and Leida. Leida tells Eric she has given up everything to be with him. Eric says Tasha might be angry, but they can get past it in time. Eric isn’t going to risk Leida leaving the country. Eric says Tasha is an adult and Leida is his teammate. Leida is the priority, and he is going to marry her, nothing is coming between them.

Eric is spending time with his dad as they work on the wedding preparations. Eric’s dad asks how bad the situation is with Leida and Tasha. Eric’s dad is upset that Tasha won’t be at the wedding. Eric says that Tasha needs to face the consequences as an adult. Tom says he wouldn’t have kicked Tasha out of the house. Tom doesn’t think Leida is fair to Tasha. Eric thinks this is what Tasha needs. Tom says it’s not always easy to let your children make mistakes. Eric says kicking Tasha out was a horrible decision to be forced to make, but he had to do it. The right choice isn’t always the one everyone wants.

Eric’s ex-wife Tania wants to meet with Leida and talk about the situation with Tasha. Tania thinks this is just drama. Leida tells Tania what Tasha said to her about Eric. Tania thinks this is tearing the family apart. Tania doesn’t want the kids to be pushed away. Leida says she has come a long way to make this work. Tania tells Leida the kids don’t want to come to the wedding at this point. Tania believes everyone is too upset right now. Tania says the kids are saying they hope Eric and Leida break up before the wedding.

Jonathan and Fernanda

Fernanda has encouraged Jonathan to fix things with his family so they can be close again. Jonathan meets with his friend Steven for a drink. Steve asks about Jonathan and Fernanda’s relationship. Jonathan tells Steven how his mom found online about his marriage. Steven asks if Fernanda is old enough to be making this decision. Jonathan tells him about the incident at Myrtle Beach. Steven asks what Fernanda is going while he is at work. Steven is afraid that Fernanda will end up resenting him for having so much control. Fernanda keeps asking when Jonathan is coming home. Jonathan needs someone to talk to privately.

Fernanda is upset over Jonathan going out with his friend and not answering her calls. Fernanda doesn’t believe Jonathan realizes how much she needs him with her because she is alone. Jonathan tries to talk to Fernanda; she is very upset still. Jonathan tells her he needed time to speak to someone else. Jonathan feels it is unfair that Fernanda talks to her friends for six hours at a time. Fernanda tells Jonathan she was upset and needed him. Fernanda tells him she came to this country for him and he can’t leave her like this. Jonathan says he is trying to make a life for them and Fernanda gets upset over him going out for a drink for forty-five minutes.

Fernanda cries because she doesn’t want to be alone. Jonathan says he sometimes questions if she is ready to get married. Jonathan tries to smooth things over, Fernanda tells Jonathan she wants to go home, she can’t do this. Jonathan says the sacrifices he made for her doesn’t matter. Jonathan throws up everything he has done for Fernanda, and she doesn’t want to hear it. Jonathan wants to know what to do, Fernanda gives Jonathan her time. Jonathan tells Fernanda he never treated her the way she is treating him. Jonathan leaves the room and Fernanda gets on the phone. Fernanda wants Jonathan to be a man she says. Fernanda calls her dad and tells him about the fight. Fernanda’s father tells her she needs to think about things.

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