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90 Day Fiance Recap November 11: Colt’s Family Not Impressed By Larissa, Kalani Kid Drama

90 Day Fiance Recap November 11: Colt's Family Not Impressed By LarissaTonight’s 90 Day Fiance recap kicks off with Colt and Larissa.  Colt trusts his mother and has had a joint bank account with her since he was fourteen. Colt takes Larissa to visit friends, and she tells them Vegas is hotter than Brazil.

Colt And Larissa

Larissa talks about Colt’s sex drive and wanting to spend time in bed all the time. Colt’s cousin John accuses Larissa of being in America to get a green card. John doesn’t believe Larissa loves Colt and doesn’t believe the relationship will work out. Colt and Larissa are dealing with a court matter at present.

Jonathan and Fernanda

Fernanda wants to meet Jonathan’s family, but he tells her she isn’t marrying his family. Jonathan has a lot of problems with his mother. Jonathan wants to know how Fernanda sees their wedding if his family likes her. Jonathan’s mom is upset because she found out he was engaged on social media. Jonathan’s mom is very skeptical about the couple. Jonathan and Fernanda go to Myrtle Beach for a break. Jonathan and Fernanda are going to a club. Johnathan thinks Fernanda is slow getting ready. Jonathan believes she looks good every time they go out. Fernanda is not old enough to drink in the club. Jonathan and Fernanda dance together.

Fernanda says alcohol makes Jonathan make bad decisions. Fernanda goes to the restroom and Jonathan starts dancing with another woman. Jonathan tries to tell her he can’t dance with her but Fernanda sees them together. Fernanda is furious with Jonathan. Fernanda walks away from Jonathan, he follows and demands the key to the car. Jonathan goes after Fernanda and tries to calm her down. Fernanda demands to know what he was doing. Fernanda doesn’t believe Jonathan wants to marry her.

Steven and Olga

Olga has to go to the hospital early. Steven wants to be in the delivery room when the baby is born, but Olga hasn’t spoken to a doctor to get permission to be there. Steven tells Olga not to have the baby while he isn’t there. Olga gets upset and tells him not to mess with her.

Kalani and Asuelu

Kolini is upset because Asuelu wants to be a father to his child. Kalani and Asuelu are getting ready to go to the park. Kalani says Asuelu has a lot of work to do to prove to her family that he wants to support her and their son. Kalani feels there is a lot that Asuelu isn’t adapting to when it comes to parenting. Kalani has quit her job and complains because Asuelu isn’t contributing money. Kalani and Asuelu are moving into his parents second home with her brother. Asuelu seems more concerned about sex than he does the move to Utah.

Kalani seems to be closer to Kolini than she is Asuelu. Kalani feels that moving on with Asuelu is leaving her sister behind. Kalani wants her sister and Asuelu to get along. Kalani left Somoa telling Asuelu she liked only white men, yet blames him for cheating on her. Kolini wants to know if Asuelu loves her sister and wants to be a father to his son. Kolini tells Asuelu she will believe him until he proves her wrong.

Jay and Ashley

Ashley’s friend Natalie hopes she can see Jay for the child he is. She had seen Ashley cheated on before and didn’t want it to happen again. Ashley doesn’t feel this is the time to confront Jay because they just got home. Ashley asks her friend to leave and let her and Jay work this out. Jay is tired of Ashley’s friend’s interference and wants Ashley to end the relationship with her. Ashley asks Jay about the conversation he had with Natalie.

Ashley wishes Natalie would let it go. Ashley wants to trust Jay. Ashley says she would stand by her friend, not keep pushing the issue. Ashley says she will talk to Natalie because the arguing is getting to her. Ashley kicked Natalie out of her wedding because of the stress. Ashley wants reliable, supportive bride maids in her wedding. Ashley believes her other friends will be understanding of her reason for excluding Natalie.

Eric and Leida

Eric’s daughters are rude when it comes to Leida. Eric still considers his ex-wife to be extended family. Eric’s ex-wife rolls her eyes at Leida instead of trying to get to know her. Eric’s ex-wife thinks Leida might feel awkward sitting with her. Leida is a general practitioner in her country. Leida believes Eric’s daughters do not respect her family. Eric and Leida come home to find that house in a mess. Tasha has done nothing to clean up the apartment.

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