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Are ‘The Chrisleys’ Struggling With A Money Crunch?

Ever since Todd and Julie Chrisley went to jail, their kids have been trying hard to live a life without their parents. However, that isn’t the only concern that has been ailing the family. While Todd and Julie are trying their best to adjust to their new life, a financial crunch has struck the family. After the conviction, the family’s original show Chrisley Knows Best, was canceled at USA Network. Now, it seems like the family is trying its best to grab a new reality show deal to tackle their financial issues. So, has the family already been signed for a reality show? Keep reading to find out the details!

Chase And Savannah Chrisley – Have Subtly Teased The Possible New TV Series That They Claim Is In The Early Production Stage.

 While the show is in production, an insider revealed that the family has been having issues getting a network onboard for the same. A big reason the family is struggling to get their show picked up is Todd and Julie’s $30 Million tax fraud scandal.

However, this isn’t the family’s only reality show that was axed in the light of their conviction. The spin-off series, Growing Up Chrisley, which highlighted the lives of the kids in the family, was also canceled by the USA Network in 2022.

Chase Chrisley

Now that it has been four months since Todd and Julie were jailed, Savannah and Chase are now desperately attempting to restart their career with a new reality show.

They are now trying hard to get back on TV to escape a potential bankruptcy. The insider revealed that the siblings are so desperate that they are keen to work with any small or big network if given a chance.

While the insider claims that the duo is desperate to get started but having a hard time finding a network to work with, Savannah Chrisley claims the exact opposite.

In Her Podcast Alongside Nana Faye, She Revealed That Tons Of Production Companies And Networks Have Reached Out To Them For A Show.

However, fans feel networks might not be ready to pick up a Chrisley show, given that they view the family and their legal controversies as a liability.

Moreover, Todd was the primary stakeholder in the previous TV shows. Now that he is in jail, the new show might not work as well without him, which has been deterring networks from investing in the Chrisleys.

So, what do you think of Chase and Savannah Chrisley’s desperate attempt at finding a network for their reality show? Do you think they will be able to overcome this financial crunch?  Check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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