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Blake Shelton’s Exit From The Voice Puts Pressure On Reba McEntire

The Voice will soon premiere its 24th season. And when it does, Blake Shelton will not occupy one of those big revolving chairs for the first time in the show’s history. 

As a result, Reba McEntire admits feeling pressured about replacing him. Keep reading to find out her game plan for succeeding on The Voice.

The Voice Spoilers – Reba McEntire Replaces Blake Shelton

After Blake Shelton’s larger than life presence on The Voice for 23 seasons, Reba McEntire has spent time preparing herself to step into his shoes. And she admitted that she feels “a lot of pressure. Because nobody can replace Blake Shelton,” added the country music songstress via TV Insider.

Blake Shelton’s Exit From The Voice Puts Pressure On Reba McEntire

And Reba praised Shelton as a “huge personality and a wonderful person. So I’m just getting in there trying to have fun and represent country music as best I can.” And amid that pressure, McEntire feels that she joined The Voice at the perfect time.

Calling The Voice “a well-oiled machine,” the country music singer shared that “getting in at this time is marvelous. Everybody knows the game plan, from the crew, the producers. Everybody on the show is so nice, so sweet, and have been so helpful. I’m loving it.”

The Voice Spoilers – Reba McEntire Initially Turned Down The Show

And while viewers will need to wait to learn about Reba’s coaching style, she promised that she will not behave in a “mean” way. Surprisingly, McEntire shared that she actually refused the opportunity to become a coach when The Voice first began.

“I can’t be a mean judge,” explained the singer. And she recalled how she “turned it down 15 years ago, when they wanted me to do The Voice. I said, ‘I can’t tell anybody that they’re horrible.’ I can’t say to somebody, ‘Well, is your mama gonna meet you at the bus station? Because you’re going home.’ I can’t do that.”

But the other coaches on The Voice have given Reba advice on how to let contestants know bad news. And she shared her appreciation for John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Niall Horan. “I learn from John, Gwen, and Niall. Every day that we’re working on The Voice, I’m learning more from them how to let ’em down easy if they don’t get picked up,” revealed the singer.

The Voice Spoilers – Reba McEntire Learns From Other Coaches

And McEntire described how the other coaches have suggested offering advice even if she decides to reject a contestant. “Like if none of the coaches turn around, they’re going home immediately,” pointed out the singer. “And so it’s good just to say, ‘If you want to come back again, try it again next season, maybe a song that suits you, one that you’re really comfortable with and that really shows your talent.’ Give them advice and encourage them to come back.” 

And Reba gushed about how The Voice gives contestants “an opportunity.” She pointed out the age range. “Some are 16, 17 years old,” noted McEntire. “And some people that come on The Voice are in their 30s and want to give it a go and are having fun with it. But what an opportunity to be seen by that many people all over the world for just a few minutes, whereas it would have taken me years at my concert levels to get in front of that many people.” The Voice season 24 will premiere on September 25, at 8 pm ET/PT on NBC.

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