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Jill Duggar Reunites With ‘Counting On’ Clan Despite Dad Jim Bob’s Ban

Duggar family followers know that 19 Kids And Counting alum Jill became estranged from her mother Michelle and father Jim Bob Duggar after her memoir criticized them. As a result, fans expressed shock to see pics revealing that Jill and her husband Derick had reunited.

And some followers noted that some of the other 19 Kids And Counting girls gathered with Jill, even breaking Michelle’s famously modest dress code for her daughters. Get all the details below.

Jill Duggar – Reunites With Estranged Parents

While not all 19 kids gathered on Christmas Day, fans of 19 Kids And Counting still felt stunned to see Jill Duggar and her husband Derick reunite with her estranged parents Jim Bob and Michelle and some of the other offspring. The reunion came after Jill criticized her parents in her memoir, sparking an estrangement, noted the Sun.

Jill Duggar Reunites With ‘Counting On’ Clan Despite Dad Jim Bob’s Ban

Jill’s brother James Duggar shared pics on Instagram showing how the family reunited. And fans reacted with shock to see so many family members gathered. Many of Michelle’s other children joined in the holiday celebration.

And fans felt emotional to see Jill reconcile. For instance, one wrote, “Jill, I’m so glad you could join your family.” And another chimed in, “This [post] makes me SO HAPPY seeing Jill and Derrick over at her parents home!”

Duggar Girls Break Michelle’s Dress Code

However, Michelle famously banned her daughters from wearing pants. As a result, fans also expressed shock to see some of the girls breaking their mother’s dress code.

“Jill was there? And Joy and Abby are wearing pants,” one stunned Duggar family follower pointed out. But some praised Jill for reconciling. For example, one fan pointed out, “People make it sound like your family is in some never-ending war. But there’s Jill! They forget us Christians FORGIVE. Merry Christmas!”

However, the reconciliation also revealed a reversal for Duggar patriarch Jim Bob. He previously banned Jill and her husband from his house.

And Derick explained, “I think he’s mainly worried about the influence we might have on his children.”spin-off Counting On, Jill and Derick have become the family rebels. For instance, Jill stopped wearing the long skirts and dresses that her mother insisted on. And instead, she wore jeans and tank tops. But Jill also penned a memoir criticizing how her parents raised her.

And after the memoir’s publication, Jill admitted that she paid the price in losing her “closeness and relationships with my family.” But she also slammed Michelle and Jim Bob for covering up her brother Josh’s shocking behavior.

Sentenced to 12 and a half years in federal prison in 2022 for receiving child pornography, Josh ended up in prison only after Jill’s parents hid his actions for years.

And Jill shared, “Watching the way my parents protected my brother, it’s still hard to swallow.” However, she shared that in addition to becoming estranged from her parents, some family members told Jill that she shouldn’t have written the memoir.

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