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Survivor Jeff Probst Won’t Budge When It Comes To Controversial Show Rule

Currently in its 46th season, the Yanu tribe has hit an all-time low when it comes to loss and suffering, by losing the first four of their immunity challenges.

They’ve voted someone out of the tribe three times, and the fourth had a member medically evacuated.

As such, the tribe did not have flint for the first 11 days of the season. No flint equals out to no fire, and this is the longest time, since the “new era” began during Survivor 41, that a tribe has gone this long without flint.

Still, despite how hard it is to “survive” without fire on Survivor, it doesn’t look like this rule will change.

Survivor Jeff Probst Won’t Budge When It Comes To Controversial Show Rule
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“Survivor’s” Jeff Probst Refuses To Back Down On This Rule

Survivor’s host, Jeff Probst, was asked about this during a recent On Fire podcast appearance, the official podcast of Survivor. Producer Jay Wolff asked if the flint rule went too far by questioning the penalty.

Probst began by saying, “Absolutely”, and then stopped, adding, “Not. Let me get a bullhorn. The new era is here. Everyone earns everything. Penalties for losing.

Yeah, expect more of that. This is what Survivor is about. If you want a ‘fun’ experience, go find another show. This is Survivor.”

Probst goes on to say the concept of Survivor is to test contestants’ physical and mental capacity. He notes that “there is a penalty for losing” as people need to know how to survive without flint, regardless of the condition.

“Survivor’s” Jeff Probst On The Need To Keep “The Flint Rule”

Jeff continues on the podcast saying that he “loved” keeping the Yanu tribe’s flint. Not because he enjoys seeing them suffer, but rather, because it’s a consequence and the show has a lot of consequences; the major one is getting voted out.

Probst notes that if the tribe loses immunity, they lose a player, they lose flint, and they lose morale and patience. As such, it makes winning that much more satisfying.

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