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The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Gerry Turner Opens Up About Catfishing Schemes of The Past

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal that Gerry Turner has started to open up more about his past dating experiences.

Gerry decided to audition for the Golden Bachelor after his daughters pushed him to get back into the dating game after his wife died. He wasn’t sure it was what he wanted to do, but he went for it and he never looked back.

Of course, his dating past wasn’t easy before getting onto the show and now he is opening up about some catfishing that happened in his past. Let’s take a look at what happened to Gerry.

Gerry and Dating

Gerry recently opened up about how he was catfished and how that made him not want to date at all. Gerry was married to his high school sweetheart for 43 years and when she died very unexpectedly, he was devastated.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Gerry Turner Opens Up About Catfishing Schemes of The Past

He was unsure of dating again because there is so much work and effort that goes into it. While he was on The Golden Bachelor, he had to meet 22 different women and try to find out what it would be like to date them. This was overwhelming, but he has gotten down to two women.

When Gerry began dating again, he made a rule that they had to be at least 60 years old and live within 60 miles of him. One woman lived 90 miles away, but he liked her a lot and decided that he would go to meet her.

However, when he finally saw her, she wasn’t who she had claimed to be. He told his fans, “She looked significantly different than her profile photo.”

The Catfishing Scheme

Of course, Gerry just had to find out what this woman had in mind and why she decided to catfish him. She told him, “Oh yeah, that’s my sister’s picture. She’s six years younger.” Although Gerry was put off by this, he still took her to dinner, but there was not another date between the two of them.

Even though Gerry has been dating multiple women on The Golden Bachelor, he knows that he made some dating mistakes along the way. It wasn’t easy for him to jump back into dating after he lost his wife.

Being on the show has opened his eyes to what dating on a reality show is like and he has learned quite a lot from it. As he gets ready to make his final choice, his fans hope that he will find his happily ever after once again.

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