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Kate Middleton Is Calling The Shots

Royal Family news reveals Kate Middleton is calling the shots and has way more say in her royal duties and what she does and doesn’t participate in than you may realize.

The Duchess of Cambridge is very much in control of her royal career.  Keep reading for all the details and new royal family updates.

Meghan Markle has tried very hard to sell the idea that she was basically a slave to the royal family, had no in say her clothing choices, what she was allowed to do and what she was allowed to say. 

It sees like the royal family may have known a thing or two about the future if they were controlling her that much. 

Kate Middleton Is Calling The Shots

But, the ironic part is Kate Middleton is not treated that way.  In fact, it’s the Duchess of Cambridge who makes all those decisions for herself.

Kate Middleton Graduated Royal Family Bootcamp

Don’t get it misconstrued, Kate Middleton went through the same royal family protocol and etiquette that Meghan Markle claims to have endured. 

The difference between the two duchesses is that Kate Middleton passed with flying colors.

Plus, Prince William’s wife delivers for the family.  It’s no secret that anything Kate Middleton touches turns to gold in the eyes of the people. 

Any royal family event Kate Middleton attends receives twice the coverage.  And, even though she is dressing herself, Kate Middleton’s wardrobe receives rave reviews.

The Royal Family Needs Kate Middleton?

The writings are on the wall, and it’s safe to say the royal family needs Kate Middleton, and the Duchess knows it. 

Over the years, insiders say that Kate Middleton has become way more vocal about her calendar and what events she wants to be a part of and not a part of.

Kate Middleton has earned her royal family stripes and she’s calling the shots now. 

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