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Welcome To Plathville Fans Spot Satanic Detail With Moriah?

Welcome To Plathville fans seem perplexed by Moriah Plath who claims to be a Christian but rushed off to get a new tattoo. Tatts are frowned upon by Christians. However, they also noticed something else, and they think Barry and Kom’s daughter is connecting with someone involved in Satanic things. 

Welcome To Plathville – Is Anything Real?

The Plath family seems to be really dysfunctional, and more than a little scripted. For instance, Kim claimed she was Mrs. Religious, and then went off and divorced her husband. Ethan and Olivia are supposedly still a couple, but he was recently spotted dancing with another woman. Meanwhile, it’s not clear that Barry Plath is a pastor or a minister, but he baptized Moriah. Fans might wonder if the TLC show just makes things up to keep the show going.

Possibly, the only true thing that fans saw on Welcome To Plathville could be the fact that Max Kallschmidt dumped Moriah. These days, he’s engaged to someone else and some fans think he was lucky to escape from the clutches of the Plaths and their odd dynamic. Right now, it seems that people might even be inclined to take Moriah Plath’s Baptism with a pinch of salt. 

Welcome To Plathville Fans Spot Satanic Detail With Moriah?

Welcome To Plathville – Fans Discuss A Satanic Detail

In a recent episode, Moriah who likes dark clothes and very pale makeup, got a new tattoo. Some folks already saw it on her social media. Actually, her tatts are stark and one arm reads “Forgiven,” and the other reads “Rebel.” In the scene where she got the tattoo done, some fans spotted something that saw them shaking their heads. 

Welcome To Plathville Fans Spot Satanic Detail With Moriah

Welcome To Plathville fans on Reddit discussed the hoodie that the tattoo artist wore. u/darkmoondreamer screenshot the tattoo artist wearing a hoodie from the Satanic temple. In the caption, they wrote, “Moriah’s tattoo artist was wearing a Satanic Temple hoodie.” That got the conversation going, and one member of the community wondered if Moriah’s mom and dad noticed it. 

TLC – Fans Comment

Another fan of Welcome To Plathville wrote, “I honestly don’t know how they didn’t… I noticed it right away… I doubt seriously if they cared…Barry is too worried about being a friend instead of a father.. And Moriah has looked witchy for a while now … the whole being “baptized” in a filthy pond while wearing all black just gives me the ick vibe…”

Another follower opined, “Knowing Moriah, she specifically picked him for this reason bc REBEL.”

One other quip might not actually be too far off the mark It read: “I wouldn’t be surprised if production gave him the hoodie.”

Tell us what you think. Do you think that Moriah Plath might have given business to someone with a Satanic connection? Because someone wears a hoodie, it might not mean they actually belong to the temple. The Temple claims that they don’t worship Satan and that people are actually God. But, they use a lot of the same symbols. After you share your views in the comments below, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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