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Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Sparks Therapy Vs Baptism Debate

Welcome To Plathville Season 5 brings a fractured family and a lot of drama. Moriah Plath is in the thick of things and she sparked a big debate about Christian baptism and modern-day therapy. It came after she shared a video on social media with a long caption about turning her back on rebellion. 

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Moriah Plath Goes Full Circle

In Season 1 of the TLC show, Moriah described herself as a rebel. Back then, they lived on the farm near Cairo in Georgia and she wanted to kick her parents’ strict religious upbringing out of the pasture and run like the wind. Olivia Plath encouraged her. By Season 2, she was dating Max Kallschmidt and living her best life. However, when Max cheated on her with impure thoughts, she got depressed. In Season 5, she returned to the family looking for answers. 

While Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah seems to have gone full circle and run back to her family, fans see other drama. For example, many people wonder if Nathan Meggs might become Moriah’s new man. However, they saw some scenes that made them believe that Olivia Plath’s brother is a closet gay. Anyway, Morah decided that getting baptized would solve all her heartbreak and problems. 

Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Sparks Therapy Vs Baptism Debate

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Moriah Plath’s Baptism

On September 21, Moriah took to her Instagram and shared a video of being baptized by her dad. She and Barry stood in a pond, and he dunked her underwater. After that, she stood up again and they hugged. Her caption read:

I spent my life searching for freedom, all I talked about was getting out, running, and finding happiness somewhere else. I would always say “I want to be free, I want to find myself, I’m working on loving myself” I was searching for happiness in all the places I thought would fill the void in my heart but I was so so lost. Until the day I realized true happiness and freedom starts within. 

Welcome To Plathville Moriah Sparks Therapy Vs Baptism Debate
@moriah.jasper / Instagram

The Welcome To Plathville star also talked about accepting “Jesus.” She added, “After years of chasing freedom in all the places that left me more empty and depressed… I accepted Jesus as my savior and gave my life to him.” Not done yet, she also wrote, “I still have my struggles, but I don’t face them alone anymore. I’m not perfect, I’ve carried the weight of every wrong I’ve done until I decided to leave it at the cross realizing God knew I wasn’t perfect and that’s why he sent his son to die for us! I’m a forgiven rebel!

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – The Debated – Baptism Or Therapy

In the comments, Christian Welcome To Plathville fans were thrilled. However, more secular people thought that she needed therapy. Or at least, a combination of both. One person wrote, “Girlie have you tried therapy because that’s gonna work much better than baptism.”

Another one argued, “Baptism won’t fix all of your problems, no. It is a symbol of a relationship with Jesus. It’s to show that you’ve given your life to the Lord and chose to pick up your cross and live for Him, not for yourself…”

Another person opined, “…therapy may not help some people. God is the only way. She found Faith in Him. Every second of the day, she’s walking with God, not a therapist. respect that ❤️.”

Tell us what you think. Do you think that Moriah ran back to where she started and she won’t be happy because her supporters are all in a cult? What do you think about therapy and baptism? Is one better than the other? Or, do you think that it wouldn’t hurt to do both?  After you share your views in the comments below, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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