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5 Times The Royal Family Was Just Like Us, Losing It In Public!

British royal family news divulges that the royal family are consummate pros when it comes to presenting a perfect picture of decorum in public.

Nary a misstep is made—except when they lose it and the cameras catch all. Here are 5 times the royals lost their tempers, and would you be surprised to learn many times it was with misbehaving children?

Royal Family News: The Princess of Wales and Prince George

Princess Kate was in her sister Pippa Middleton’s wedding in 2017. Kate’s son Prince George was also on hand, but as kids will do, he got into a bit of mischief, namely playing in the bride’s dress and spilling his flower basket before it was time.

5 Times The Royal Family Was Just Like Us, Losing It In Public!

One photog captured a picture of exasperated Kate, leaning down to tell him to cool his jets. Poor George expressed his hurt feelings with a few tears but soon enough was back to having fun!

Royal Family News: The Princess of Wales and Princess Charlotte

Another time, two-year old Princess Charlotte was upset as the family prepared to board a helicopter in Hamburg, Germany.

The reason why wasn’t given, but beleaguered mom Princess Kate bent down to talk to her daughter and was seen giving her a small lecture as the little one burst into tears. The family eventually boarded and took off!

Royal Family News: Prince Philip

Prince Philip was known as a loveable, irascible man who spoke his mind, much like his daughter Princes Anne.

A group photo in 2015 was taking too long for his liking and he finally swore at the cameramen “Just take the [expletive] picture!” Prince William had to muffle his laughter!

Royal Family News: Prince Harry

Who would have guessed that in 2019 Prince Harry had a temper tantrum while he and Meghan toured Morocco. When a cameraman accidentally hit a child with his equipment, Harry went ballistic.

Also in 2019 eco warrior Prince Harry attended the Sentebale Polo Cup in Italy and went off about people using plastic. His friend, polo player Nacho Figueras, told CBS This Morning that Harry complained about the plastic stirrer in his cup and receiving his laundry wrapped in plastic:

He talked to a person and said, “This morning I got my coffee and I saw that you have a plastic thing on the coffee. And then I also sent my shirt and I got my shirt in a big plastic bag. Can we please not use plastic?”

He added “I don’t like to talk about that at all, that’s who he is … No plastic.” But Harry has no problem hopping on a private jet anytime, anywhere. Later Markle cheerleader Gayle King defended the traitor saying he was trying to save the world. Gulp.

Do you have a favorite royal faux pas—tell us about it!

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