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Did Prince Harry Just Throw Away The Best Life He Could Have Had? Royal Experts Say Yes

Royal Family News says that a lot of people don’t believe that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage is going to last in California, unfortunately.

In fact, there are even some people who believe that the Duke of Sussex has thrown away the best life that anyone could have ever asked for as a member of the royal family. That, and the fact that he’s complained about it all sure hasn’t helped him, either. Here’s what you need to know.

Did Prince Harry Just Throw Away The Best Life He Could Have Had? Royal Experts Say Yes

According to royal author and critic Maureen Callahan, she says that Prince Harry has done so much damage in his relationship with his family members and with his reputation, that there’s simply no turning back at this point.

She also said that he did himself no favors by throwing everyone under the bus in the way that he did in his tell all memoir, Spare.

Did Prince Harry Just Throw Away The Best Life He Could Have Had? Royal Experts Say Yes

Harry has confessed to needing therapy because his father King Charles never hugged him as a child and also told the world about a nasty fight that he got into with his brother Prince William, that landed him in a dog bowl on a kitchen floor.

In her new column for the Daily Mail, Callahan wrote, “Waaagh,’ as it will forever be known, is the story of a prince who had everything handed to him, who was given access to a top-tier education that he threw away, who had access to anything and anyone he wanted, was aided by the best PR and crisis managers in the Western hemisphere, but who was deprived of so much he had to run for his safety and privacy.”

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She added, “Isn’t that what these public tantrums are all about? Safety and privacy?”

Clearly, Harry doesn’t feel the same way as he’s said that he told his personal story to the world because he wanted to help other people who have been dealing with the same kind of drama and trauma that he dealt with while growing up behind closed palace doors.

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  1. noellastober says

    I am glad I am not Harry in any way right now. Meghan is your satan Harry Time will tell and your growing up will also tell, if you choose to do so Wait till the money runs out, just wait

  2. Julia Hyde says

    I think it’s a shame that Prince Harry felt he had to reveal the family secrets in a book! He made his bed, time to lie in it! Did he think things would be different after his book, well they’re different all right, just not the way he wanted! Harry please don’t cry over spilt milk.
    Cheers J

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