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Dr. Jill Biden Forced To Sit In The Back During King Charles’ Ceremony

Royal Family News says that someone must have made some amendments to the seating chart. That, or this might have been intentional.

A lot of fans can’t help but wonder why the First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, has been seated all the way in the back at King Charles’ Coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey this weekend. Here’s what you need to know.

Coronation News – Dr. Jill Biden Forced To Sit In The Back During King Charles’ Ceremony

According to reports, Dr. Jill Biden along with her granddaughter Finnegan sat at the back of Westminster Abbey. To add insult to injury, First Lady Olena Zelenska of Ukraine was also sat in the very back.

Both Jill and her granddaughter Finnegan wore yellow and blue dresses to show their support for Ukraine.

Dr. Jill Biden Forced To Sit In The Back During King Charles’ Ceremony

Needless to say, there sure were a lot of royal fans that had a lot to say about the matter on social media. Many of them commented with, “Jill should not have gone.

The US Ambassador to the UK was an adequate representative for this freak show,” along with, “They shouldn’t have came at all if you ask me. There was no reason for her to be there (or her granddaughter who looks lovely). The ambassador should’ve been there doing these events.”

Another critic wrote, “Wow! That feels intentionally disrespectful to all three women, given how the media fussed about seating and what it signifies. Rude.”

Did Buckingham Palace Intentionally Seatt Dr. Biden In The Back?

And then there was this comment, too: “Something nice….being seated at the back means she can get to the exit sooner? But, this is VERY insulting. These are supposed to be world class diplomats in search of a trade deal.”

Needless to say, Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter, although at this point it’s doubtful that anything will be said. While President Joe Biden did send his best wishes to King Charles and Queen Camilla on this very historic day, a lot of royalists also made a point that POTUS might have intentionally snubbed the royals by not attending the ceremony, too.

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  1. Carole says

    I don’t blame them for sitting Jill in the very back. If Joe Biden couldn’t show enough respect, to show up himself, why should they show her respect. It was like Joe Biden gave the king a slap in the face.

    1. Brenda says

      I totally agree. Poor Jill has to sit in the back, what a pitty‼️

    2. Gary Hobbs says

      No POTUS has attended a Briis
      h coronaion.. We fought the Britsh for independence and in 1812 fought them again preventing an invasion to burn the White House.

  2. James Nestor says

    So ole Jill Biden had to set all the way in the back with the Wine-Os.

  3. Linda says

    I’m glad they seated her in the back.
    She did not belong there

  4. Samuel says

    Well Prince Andrew was HID too! The Harvey winesteins, Bill gates, Bill Clinton’s, Jeffrey epsteins have ONE THING in common, they are ALL DemocRATS! LOL

  5. Stephen says

    They should never have allowed Mafia Mall Jill Biden to even be in the place. She makes anywhere she goes look cheap and slwazy.

  6. R says

    Seating arrangements and protocols at such events are based on politics and international interactions and relations and status relative to the host country.
    The United States is not one of the countries that has remained a constitional monarchy under Britain (remember the ‘Declaration of Independence ‘ of 1776???) nor is it a member of the British Commonwealth.
    Representatives of countries in those groups were seated in the front.
    Dr. Jill Biden was representing the United States of America, and was seated in the place accorded to the United States, which is where her husband sat when he attended the funeral of the late Queen. Protocol has NOTHING to do with personalities or favorites or perceived importance. There was NO INSULT.

    Now, if the event was a meeting of the G4 or a state visit, the protocols for the seating arrangements would be different.

    This is why we should improve our social studies curriculum in the US and boost our knowledge of international affairs!!!

    1. Philpill says

      What else should after the disgraceful way Biden has treated Ameriss oldest ally. They should have refused her attendance. Phoney doctor title..

    2. MP says

      Where was Macron seated?

  7. MP says

    It was so rude to sit Dr Jill Biden, wife of the US president and the official representative of the US to be seated at the last row.
    Of course what to expect from a past relevance, self important, arrogant bunch who are still stuck in colonialism.

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