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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Acted Cocky During The Coronation?

Is it all because he might have smiled a little too much? Maybe. There’s a new report that suggests a lot of people thought Prince Harry looked a little too cheerful while he was at Westminster Abbey for King Charles’ coronation this weekend.

Even though there were a lot of senior members of the royal family that even refused to look in his direction, that didn’t seem to matter to the Duke of Sussex at all. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Acted Cocky During The Coronation?

Page Six says that according to body language expert Judi James, Prince Harry might have even looked a little too happy to be in London, even though his trip was only 24 hours long.

She said, “Harry looked cheerful to the point of cocky. [It’s] almost as though none of the events of the past couple of years had ever happened.”

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Acted Cocky During The Coronation?

James went on to say that even she was shocked to have seen Prince Harry look and behave the way that he did. She said, “Pre-coronation, I’d bet Harry would attend looking solitary and isolated without Meghan [Markle], using some anxiety rituals like his signature tummy pat, haunted eye expression and wedding ring fiddle to self-comfort as he suffered the arctic blast from the other royals.”

If that weren’t enough, James also said that Prince Harry looked like he was putting on a “counter-intuitive performance that was almost breathtaking, given the no-hope rating he is currently being given in terms of returning to the bosom of his royal family.”

Royal Family News – Critics Say Harry Looked Too Cheerful

She continued, “What we saw was a comeback of the joker prince, a bouncy, resilient-looking royal who looked as though being seated three rows back was actually an honor.”

Now, whether or not Prince Harry felt as though that was an honor, no one really knows. With that said, the rest of the royal family didn’t look as cheerful as Harry did. In fact, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s youngest son Louis kept on yawning in the first row with his parents.

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  1. Lainee says

    Ok, I readily admit I’m not a Royal ‘expert”. That said, he is should stay in America because no one wants him there. At the same time he is rude for coming but leaving to be with son on his birthday. Second point, if he is frowning and serious he is “miserable”, but smiling and happy, he is miserable and rude. He can never just be….

  2. Debi says

    I think he did the best he could in a negative envionment ,without his family. I guess he could have asked for hints as to how he should have acted, but no Im pretty sure he knew how it was going to go. Its sad they wanted to punish him ,he is the kings son.

    1. Sherry says

      How did the Royal Family *punish* Harry? He came and talked to the Yorks and he refused an invitation to the luncheon afterwards and left …….Harry is the only one responsible for his actions and behavior towards his family and he should suffer the consequences of those.

      1. ShanLee says

        Of course, he refused an invitation to the luncheon. The Royals wanted him to come so they could further ignore him and (in their minds) make him feel rejected, awful, and unwanted. He didn’t let them play that game and by doing so, gave Camilla NOTHING to go to the press with. He is smart now. He knows what they are about and how they operate.

  3. GapGirl says

    I don’t think her was to happy. He was talking and smiling at his Aunt and then making faces at a kid. The royal reporters and family are never satisfied. He came to it! I don’t blame him for going home to his wife and children. It was Archie’s birthday way before it was the kings coronation.

  4. Candy says

    Please!! Louis is 5. Get your kid up at the butt crack of dawn. See if he/she doesn’t yawn or even get cranky. Harry has been in Megahan Hollywood acting school. Knew how to use camera using direct eye contact. No need for body language experts just watch a few movies. The look, the walk the stance…all Hollywood acting.

    1. Sandy says

      What do these people expect of a child ? Give the kid a break ! You English people must be angry , and looking for faults in everyone else !

  5. ShanLee says

    Harry (and Meghan) can never win. If he didn’t go…he’s a horrible son, if he did go they would find something to complain about with their body language specialists and gossip-mongering press. If he remained stoic, he’s bringing down the event. If he smiled, he’s cocky. If Meghan stayed home, she is jealous of Kate. If she attended, she has a lot of nerve. It looked like Harry was enjoying catching up with the family members who like him, and who he likes. He was “conversing” with some young kids who were bored, as Harry is so good at. It is reported he has been talking with his father, a lot, so I imagine Charles knew how it was going to go down and wasn’t unprepared for Harry’s quick trip. Harry is living his authentic life. The Royals cannot handle that because they have no concept of what that is. (To be honest, I would be a little cocky too.) He gets to go home and spend a fun time with his family. The rest of them get to hobnob with their ilk at a private family lunch. We can only imagine how “fun” that will be.

  6. Deborah says

    Harry’s just receiving, in spades, what he has so freely given. Some call it Karma..

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