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Is Queen Camilla Drinking More Because Of King Charles’ Health Woes?

This certainly isn’t a very easy time for Queen Camilla let alone anyone else in the royal family, but it looks like they are doing what they can during these difficult times.

There’s some speculation that Camilla Parker Bowles might be drinking her woes away as she is dealing with her husband King Charles’ cancer diagnosis and a very uncertain future. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Is Queen Camilla Drinking More Because Of King Charles’ Health Woes?

As many royal fans are aware of by now, King Charles had announced that he was diagnosed with cancer late last month. Even though he didn’t specify what kind of cancer he has, the prognosis is supposely good.

Is Queen Camilla Drinking More Because Of King Charles’ Health Woes?

Not only that, but it seems like he’s doing well enough that the King of England is already on his feet. He has appeared at one royal engagement looking like he’s doing better than expected.

For Camilla Parker Bowles, this all has to be very worrying. At King Charles’ age, she knows to expect the unexpected.

Plus, should something happen to the King of England, that means she wouldn’t be queen anymore.

She would have to step down and make way for both Prince William and his wife Kat Middleton to take the throne.

While it’s been said in the past that Camilla is a fan of the finer things in life and enjoys a good shot of whisky as much as she likes a pint of beer, some royal fans can’t help but wonder if she might be drinking her troubles away behind closed palace doors.

Even though that seems very unlikely, it hasn’t stopped the internet from speculating quite heavily over the matter.

Royal Family News – What’s Next For King Charles And His Cancer?

Now, whatever happens to King Charles remains to be seen, but his doctors along with the res of the royal family seem to be very positive about the future. Here’s hoping that Queen Camilla feels that same way, too.

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  1. Stephanie says

    Not a nice story. I’m not a Camilla fan but give the woman a break. This story shouldn’t be on line. It truly is horrible and nasty.

  2. Susie says

    Hello ALL, We all have worries and great concerns. I will be praying for them ALL and only GOD knows of the out come. It is always smart to get things in order and to say and speak what is in the heart. But if you ask GOD into your worries and concerns then the best is most likely to happen. I am hearing KING CHARLES 111 is going to church regularly and sure he is asking for help in his concerns about his health. So let’s all be positive and know he will be Ok in GODS own timeline. I wish them all better times and greater LOVE ahead in there family. ❤️

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