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Kate Middleton Glows In Queen’s Gems, Meghan Markle Throws Tantrum

Royal family news reveals Kate Middleton making a dramatic change in her style. And the Princess of Wales also proudly donned the late Queen Elizabeth’s three-strand pearl necklace, a symbol that Kate will one day become a Queen herself.

But a new report reveals that Meghan Markle has fumed over seeing her rival Princess Kate looking better than ever.

Keep reading to learn about Kate’s glow-up style and Meghan’s jealous reaction. Plus: Learn why the Duchess of Sussex threw a tantrum before her wedding!

Kate Middleton Glows, Meghan Markle Glowers

King Charles recently showed his affection and respect for Kate Middleton in approving her desire to wear the late Queen Elizabeth’s three-strand pearl necklace.

Kate Middleton Glows In Queen’s Gems, Meghan Markle Throws Tantrum

However, the necklace also symbolizes Kate’s ranking as a future Queen herself per Reddit. And in contrast to Meghan Markle, the Princess of Wales takes pride in working hard as a senior royal.

But seeing pics of Kate wearing the royal gems made Meghan both furious and jealous. And the Duchess of Sussex increasingly has become more of a spare to the royal family than her hubby Prince Harry. Does Meghan really have any relevance to the royals at this point?

As a result of the situation, one critic commented about Meghan, “Rough time to be the irrelevant one married to the bitter spare.”

And the commentator compared Kate’s ranking as King Charles’ “beloved daughter-in-law” to Meghan getting ignored or referred to only as “That One.”

Kate Middleton Powers Up Style

However, Princess Kate also has begun changing her style ahead of the new season of The Crown. And increasingly, Kate has stepped out in power suits rather than coat dresses.

But the Princess of Wales made the change to prep for an anticipated backlash from the Netflix show, said a source via Page Six.

The royal drama will feature Meg Bellamy portraying the Princess of Wales. And an insider shared that Kate worries that her image will suffer. “Kate’s switching up her style in an effort to win people over, and also to get ahead of the beating how she feels her image will take when ‘The Crown’s’ new season debuts,” revealed the source. 

But the Princess of Wales also “wants people to see her as a strong leader, someone who’s capable of taking the title of queen into a new generation,” said the insider.

And that means donning power suits, such as a pinstriped Holland Cooper blazer ($669) and coordinating pants ($364). Royal expert Kinsey Schofield praised Kate for her glow-up into “a sense of authority.”

Kate Middleton – Compared To Princess Diana

And the royal expert noted that Kate resembles the late Princess Diana. “After Diana cut her hair short (inspired by Sharon Stone) we saw a lot of blazers too,” pointed out the expert. “The fashion magazines all fawned over Diana’s boss wardrobe and admired her professionalism.”

And Kinsey feels that “the evolution in her style is directly associated with her position in the royal family changing. Her family is one step closer to the crown. She is expected to look more mature and regal.” And Schofield admires Kate’s new “high street fashion.”

Meanwhile, Meghan reportedly fumes that she doesn’t get access to the royal jewels. And all she can hope for involves paying someone to make replicas. But the Duchess of Sussex lacks a way to borrow the royal gems like her rival Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle Threw Tantrum

And sources claim that Meghan threw “a massive tantrum about the wedding tiara.” Queen Elizabeth choose which ones she would lend when Meghan married Harry. But the one that Meghan wanted was reserved for Eugenie.

And that created problems for Harry, who struggled with his belief that “what Meghan wants Meghan gets.” However, Meghan also wanted to wear a personal jewel owned by the Queen. And Elizabeth refused to lend it to her. As a result, some view the Duchess of Sussex as “trashy.”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Meghan’s jealousy? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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  1. Christina says

    Meghan is trashy self centered person and she is the one that created her own problems. Acts like a spoiled 2 year old. I wouks not allow her back into the house.

  2. Lynda says

    so sick of hearing about this person. the media makes her
    Something she is not.

    1. Tammy says

      Who are you referring to Kate or the nobody?

  3. Ernest Stone says

    Megan acts like a spoiled child. She married a Prince thinking she would be treated like a queen. But with Harry being the Spare and her ruining his chances of becoming anything more than a foot note and he doing his very best to sabotage any chance of being anything but an irrelevant character by his actions airing the Royals dirty laundry he and they get what they deserve. They will never be anything other than miserable moving forward. Harry’s best bet would be is drop Megan rejoin the Firm and get on with his life!

    1. Judy says

      I agree that Meghan is very self centered. It appears that she has no respect for the royal family that she married a member of. It seems that she had no idea of the type of woman Prince Harry should married. . . .a wife that would bring honor to Harry, to his family, and to the people she served. Instead she is being a disgrace to the royal family and showing the world just how unsuitable she is as an important woman.

    2. Victoria says

      I totally agree with you. She thought that she would come in and take over. Guess what ? She’s getting everything that she deserves. She brought all of this herself.

  4. Jackie says

    Megan Markel is nothing compare to Kate. I think Kate is the most beautiful person in the world. Megan Markel is nothing but an old sour puss. She tries to be better than she really is but she wants to be a movie star which she can’t act worth a hoot. She is an old plain Jane and that is it. She is nothing in the US.

  5. Margaret says

    She though she would get the top spot but reality showed her she was just the spares wife. They chose to leave the royal family so why does she think she is entitled to the royal jewels sometimes you get back what you dish out!

  6. Pam Terra says

    Megan is trash and nasty to boot! And Harry doesn’t have a spine. She certainly is a piece of work who has caused more problems than could have been imagined.

    I think he’s stuck, and if I was related to him, I would never trust him again. Hopefully they will stay away from the Royal Family. A sad thought but true and best for the real Royals.

  7. Deborah says

    You’re correct Megan is a self-centered narcissist. When she hooked Harry she thought she was marring millions and would be treated like the queen having everyone differing to her.
    Didn’t happen, now it’s revenge & tantrum time.

  8. Pam says

    All of you are racist idiots! This is not about anything other than prejudice against Megan because of her race..and hatred towards Harry because he chose outside of the anglo Saxon model..

    1. SophieKo says

      Not everything is about race. Harry was the most loved royal. When he met Meghan he turned into a tyrant and when that didn’t work they became the whiners. Meghan was treated well by the royals, and she treated the staff terribly, yelling at them and being very disrespectful. The Queen had to step in and set her straight. Then the 2 victims had to create a story of how bad she was treated. Al the interviews they gave and the lies they told is why the royals stay away from them. Meghan is nothing but a wannabe star and will step in n anyone that gets in her way. One day Harry will regret ever meeting her, and what he gave up. She will dump him when he no longer serves a purpose.

  9. Pat Reed says

    So tired of seeing her name and face in the news . Is there no other person doing somthing news worthy in Southern California or The USA ? News media needs to find somthing better to report.

  10. Disgusted by M & H says

    The only comment made about racism came from you Pam. No one else cares about her race, Meghan only uses it as an excuse. She is just a common, nasty narcissist who trashed her family as well as Harry’s. .

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