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Kate Middleton Sacrifices Her Style To Avoid Upstaging King Charles

Royal family news reveals that King Charles wants to hold onto the spotlight. As a result, he gets upset when royal family females steal that spotlight because of their fashion choices.

But Kate Middleton, who recently became the Princess of Wales, wants to please King Charles. And that means sacrificing her own favorite styles for him.

Find out about Charles’ views on women’s fashion. And learn how his attitude impacts Kate. Get all the royal details below.

King Charles – Hates Getting Upstaged By Women’s Styles

Royal history reveals that during Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship, she often stole the spotlight with her fabulous styles. And that made Charles upset.

Kate Middleton Sacrifices Her Style To Avoid Upstaging King Charles

Since then, he reportedly doesn’t like it when any royal family females get noticed for their fashion at an event that he attends. And that poses the potential for problems when coronation day arrives, noted Yahoo.

As a result, speculation has soared about what Kate Middleton will wear for King Charles’ coronation. But the Princess of Wales reportedly has prepared the right outfit to avoid upsetting Charles. And that means opting for a more modest, less noticeable ensemble.

Royal fashion expert Miranda Holder explained the situation. “Kate must be careful not to pull focus from the king with her outfit,” shared Holder. As a result, the style specialist predicted that the Princess of Wales won’t wear anything too “out there.” And Kate has become experienced in choosing styles that don’t take away the spotlight from King Charles.

Kate Middleton – Develops A Royal ‘Fashion Formula’

Because of her experience selecting outfits for royal family occasions, Kate has even developed her own “fashion formula,” said Holder. And the Princess of Wales typically follows that formula for “important state events.” For instance, Kate often wears “a coat dress ensemble from her favorite designer Alexander McQueen.”

But Middleton also has evolved her style since she became Princess of Wales six months ago. And that title has motivated Kate to develop a more “serious” and “business-like mood,” noted Holder. In turn, that shift “reflects the gravitas” of her new position, added the style expert via Newsweek.

King Charles named Kate Britain’s new Princess of Wales in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death last September. And Charles made Kate the first woman to use the Princess of Wales title since Princess Diana. As Princess Kate, Middleton recognizes that she has moved “nearer to the throne,” pointed out Holder.

Princess Of Wales Prefers Outfits That ‘Refocus’ Attention

As a result, “the fun, feminine, flirty Kate who we all fell in love with in her polka-dot tea dresses seems to have been replaced by a new, more heavyweight incarnation,” summed up the royal style expert. However, the Princess of Wales also has shown a preference for “trouser suits” over skirts and dresses recently.  “In the last 6 months, trouser suits have most definitely prevailed, whereas before this we were most familiar with the princess in skirts and dresses,” noted Holder. “Indeed, the whole aesthetic is far more formal and occasionally a little austere.”

But the royal style expert feels that the change makes sense for the Princess of Wales. Kate’s new outfits show that “the princess means business and takes her contribution to the many causes she supports extremely seriously, and wishes to refocus the public’s attention on the charity in hand rather than the brand she is wearing.” And that hints that on coronation day, the Princess of Wales will chose an outfit to focus attention on King Charles rather than herself. 

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Kate Middleton’s style shift? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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  1. Dolky mac says

    I admire the royal family but less and less King Charles. He needs to grow some …….. the way he appears to be begging Prince Harry the more respect he loses. His jealousy of the attention the royal women have based on fashion is so ridiculous it is hard to comprehend. What an insecure man. He is the head of the commonwealth and the king and he is jealous of women looking beautiful? That is actually sad.

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