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King Charles Insensitive For The Way He’s Treated Prince Andrew?

It seems like no matter what King Charles says or does, or doesn’t say or doesn’t do, his critics will have a reason to complain about it.

There’s a new report that says some royal experts believe that King Charles might have acted just a little too insensitive towards his younger brother, Prince Andrew, by allowing him to appear at the coronation this past weekend. That’s because everyone knew that the Duke of York wouldn’t be greeted with cheers, but with jeers instead.

King Charles – Insensitive For The Way He’s Treated Prince Andrew?

According to new reports, Prince Andrew did nothing but embarrass himself when he took his seat inside Westminster Abbey. That’s because he was greeted by boos from the people who were already there.

As many royal fans know, Prince Andrew has become a royal pariah thanks to his association with controversial but also dead financier Jeffrey Epstein. If that weren’t enough, he was also accused of sexual assault by Virginia Giuffree, and ended up paying her millions in a settlement between the two.

King Charles Insensitive For The Way He’s Treated Prince Andrew?

Well now PR expert Jordan James says that all of this could have been avoided if King Charles would have just told Andrew to stay at home during his coronation day.

He told Entertainment Daily in an interview, “If Prince Andrew wasn’t clear about how the public felt about him after his recent scandal, his less than warm welcome at his brother’s coronation should have set him straight. From his ill-fated friendship with notorious sex offender Jeffery Epstein to his far-from-secret multimillion-pound out-of-court settlement with Virginia Giuffre due to alleged sexual abuse. There is little love lost between the public and the now-disgraced royal. I think he was lucky to only receive boos at the event.”

What’s Next For Prince Andrew?

He also added, “Given that the boos were coming from thousands of royal fans, many of whom had spent nights camping to get even a glimpse of the royal family, I think the public opinion of Prince Andrew is clear. Not even the royalists love him any more.”

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