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Dolly Parton Sparks Outrage Over Cheerleader Outfit: The View Reacts

Dolly Parton recently lit up the stage at an NFL halftime show. But some viewers slammed the 77-year-old for wearing a teeny tiny cheerleader outfit for her performance.

However, now The View host Whoopi Goldberg has put those viewers on blast. And as revealed below, Whoopi also took time to clap back at those who criticized Beyonce’s 11-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

Dolly Parton Sparks Backlash Over Cheerleader Outfit

Don’t mess with Dolly Parton, warned The View host Whoopi Goldberg via the Sun. Because if Internet trolls come for the country music legend, Whoopi will turn around and blast them on air. And The View host just demonstrated her power.

But Goldberg didn’t stop with defending viewers who mocked Dolly for wearing a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit for her halftime performance at an NFL game. And The View host also defended Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy against critics. 

Dolly Parton Sparks Outrage Over Cheerleader Outfit: The View Reacts

Whoopi began by reflecting on how the 77-year-old stunned in her performance. And the 68-year-old host of The View pointed out that some critics threw shade at Dolly for her outfit. For instance, one viewer told Parton to “act her age.”

Whoopi Goldberg Slams Internet Trolls

But The View host suggested that any trolls who criticize Dolly can “bite” her instead. And then Whoopi also attacked those who mocked Beyonce’s 11-year-old daughter Blue Ivy for dancing in her mother’s Renaissance Tour.

But Goldberg informed trolls, “Everybody who participated in this [slating Blue Ivy online] should be ashamed of yourself.” And she pointed out, “You were giving Blue Ivy…grief because she was dancing in her mom’s Renaissance tour. And you had the nerve to say some nasty stuff. Shame, shame on ya’ll.”

However, Whoopi has ranted before on The View, For instance, a discussion turned political with a White House video claiming that President Joe Biden, 81, has worked to protect the community. And Goldberg questioned if that effort would bring results. 

Whoopi Goldberg Rants On The View

However, political strategist Ana Navarro, 51, alleged that Republicans “are using anti-LGBTQ+ policies to send people out to the polls to vote out of fear, anger, stress. Through the paranoia and stress that drag queens are coming for your children. People, let me tell you this. Drag queens don’t even like children – they don’t tip and they don’t drink!”

However, as the discussion shifted to related topics, Whoopi decided that she could stay silent no longer. And she interrupted the other View co-hosts to offer her thoughts. “None of this is anybody’s business!” yelled Goldberg.

“This is the part that I don’t understand. You are telling me that I don’t know my family. You’re telling me I don’t know my kid. “I’m telling you, you don’t know my kid. You don’t know what I’m going through. You don’t know what I need and you’re not asking me,” she pointed out.

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Whoopi’s attack on Internet trolls? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news.

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