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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Paparazzi Chase Claim Unraveled By Reporters

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Paparazzi Chase Claim Unraveled By Reporters

Twitter is on fire with thousands keeping up on the updates of Harry and Meghan’s “near-catastrophic” car chase in New York City, after they traveled to the city to attend an award show.

Immediately the couple’s spokesperson released the statement saying that the couple had been chased by paparazzi desperate for a picture through New York City for over two hours, speculations abounded and people asked more questions than there was answers. One of them was, “really? A car chase in New York City’s crawling traffic?” As you can see, before evidence started to come to light that “recollections varied,” people already suspected that it did.

Megyn Kelly Calls The Sussexes Bluff On An “80 mph Car Chase”

Reporter Megyn Kelly was one of the people who were very vocal about how Harry and Meghan’s story doesn’t add up. She wrote: “I lived in Manhattan for 17 yrs & it is not possible to have a 2hr “car chase” there. Too many street lights/stop signs, too much foot/car traffic & hundreds of places you could safely pull over to protect yourself.”

She added: “Also if they really want to avoid the paparazzi perhaps the Duchess should stop using them so obviously when she wants to see herself in the paper. The relationship can get complicated.”

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Paparazzi Chase Claim Unraveled By Reporters

Even Caitlyn Jenner joined the conversation, saying that there was no way those two could have gotten in a 2 hour car chase without lots of evidence. “I have been party to paps following me in NY (definitely not 2 hrs and plenty of evidence – kind of the point since they have cameras), LA (even in a city with lots of driving and long distances between destinations, not 2 hours, and AGAIN LOTS OF EVIDENCE) it comes with the territory. Whine whine whine is all these 2 seem to do.”

Backgrid Responds To Harry And Meghan’s Story Of A “Near Catastrophic” Chase

After the New York City Mayor said that it was unlikely any “high speed chase” through New York City happened as the Sussexes’ spokesperson described, Backgrid released a statement to say that their photographers didn’t mean to cause harm or raise alarm.

The statement debunked Harry and Meghan’s story of being terribly shaken by saying that there were pictures of Meghan smiling in the cab and Harry taking pictures. At some point, Harry and Meghan’s vehicle was reportedly pulled over by the police. The statement ended by saying that the present “photographers have reported that the couple was not in an immediate danger at any point.”

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