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Prince Harry Is Basically Buying A Bachelor Pad

Royal Family critics knew this day would come.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage has been hanging on by a thread since before it started. 

But, house hunting in London may be the final straw for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  Is Prince Harry buying a bachelor pad?

In case you still thought Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were living happily ever after, the Duke of Sussex house-hunting in London should convince you of otherwise.

It’s no secret that Prince Harry is miserable in California.  But, Meghan Markle has made it nearly impossible for him to return to the royal family’s fold.  Now, Harry is reportedly searching for homes to buy in London and setting up a “UK base.”

Prince Harry Is Basically Buying A Bachelor Pad

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s UK Base Or Bachelor Pad

Since Harry and Meghan haven’t taken a trip to the UK together in over a year, it’s definitely raising a few eyebrows that the couple is calling the house a “UK base.”  Who’s base? 

Meghan Markle doesn’t even visit the UK and hasn’t been there since September 2022.  So, basically it is for Prince Harry.

How long is Meghan Markle going to let her husband come up with excuses to travel to the UK and stay at his bachelor pad alone? 

It will only be a matter of time before women begin coming forward and claiming they were partying at the “UK Base” with Prince Harry. 

If their marriage isn’t on the rocks now, it will be once Prince Harry starts staying in London without his wife.  We can all agree this property is going to create some serious drama.

Meghan Markle – Wants Harry To Move To London?

However, Meghan Markle seems to think Harry is killing her image.  According to reports, she’s mortified to show her face in California after her husbands “Spare” debacle.  So, she may be encouraging Harry to head back to the UK.

What do you think the UK house means?  Is Prince Harry trying to escape or is Meghan trying to get rid of him? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more royal family news and updates.

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  1. Mary says

    He’s looking for a place to put his head down when he’s in London, he wanted to get a place in Kensington palace, but William is there, so he’s does trying to find a place he can go to any time he needs to be in England for his charity causes. But I won’t deny I’m hoping it’s. So he can get away permanently fro..Megan she’s poisoning his mind, making him worse than he actually feels

  2. Betty says

    I believe their marriage is in trouble. They may not divorce because of their business ventures titles. I believe they will live separate lives.

    1. BB says

      I agree with you. All signs point to there being division in their marriage even though they are denying it. Several celebrity marriages have done the same thing. A recent example is Jada and Will Smith. They will stay together for as long as possible but that doesn’t mean they are “together.”

  3. Jan says

    I don’t know why you keep on saying their marriage is on the rocks. They have been to several charity things like Harry’s Invicta games. What do they have to do? I bought Spare and enjoyed it. I also think it was true. Queen Camilla is behind a lot of it. She throws the children under the bus every chance she gets.

    1. Penny says

      What they did on Oprah was unforgivable. You DO NOT trash your family on TV fir the entire world to gawk at. If you have problems you see a counselor. You try to resolve them privately. What they did made any issues a million times worse. They whine incessantly. Don’t they know that we ALL have problems. Some much worse than anything they’re whining about 24/7.

    2. Pay newmans says

      I have been saying that for a long time now about Camilla.she is a snake in the grass and want Charles’s family out and hers in.

    3. Pat newmans says

      I have been saying that for a long time now about Camilla.she is a snake in the grass and want Charles’s family out and hers in.

  4. Sherry Snyder says

    He needs to take his kids and go back home. And say by to her she is a very bad person.

  5. Patricia Newmans says

    You know they are always saying that they are broke.I wish I had 28 million dollars to live on like they do right now.they would be in bad shape if they had to live on what i get from social security every month.

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