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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Festering At The “Bottom” Of The Royal List

British royal family news shows that the late Queen Elizabeth had high hopes for the women who married her heir Prince Charles’ sons: Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

The former married Prince William, who will one day be king, and the latter married spare part Prince Harry.

The world’s hopes were so high that the foursome was dubbed the “Fab Four.” We all know now how that fairytale ended.

Today Harry and Meghan make separate appearances where once they were joined at the hip, while Kate and William are beloved for their down-to-earth wholesomeness.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Festering At The “Bottom” Of The Royal List

According to royal expert Ingrid Seward “The Queen had high hopes that the foursome might spearhead the monarchy of the future.

Sharing the sometimes demanding, duller duties and supporting their father into the future when she was no longer around.”

Instead Harry and Meghan are reviled for the trashy ways they have treated the royals, let’s examine where it all went wrong.

Royal Family News: Harry & Meghan Reviled

Seward argues to the Daily Mirror that it is vile Harry who has lost the most via Megxit: “Prince Harry’s place in the royal family has changed dramatically since the death of his grandmother and his father became King.”

Things are so bad for traitor that she declares Harry is at the very bottom of the royal pecking order. She describes him as “Almost, but not quite an outsider.”

No one is surprised that his whiney life has turned out this way, with one commenter noting: “He chose to depart and then insulted the family on his way out of the door. What did he expect?”

Royal Family News: Harry The Whiner

His nearly universal snubbing is a far cry from the days when he was said to be one of Elizabeth’s favorite grandchildren owing to his carefree, unpretentiousness (and drugged moods according to him). He met Meghan in 2016 and they married in 2018.

Since then the couple relocated to America and Harry has been mocked as a priggish, hypocritical, know-it-all.

Royal Family News: Harry’s Downfall

The state of his life is so low that bookies are taking bets on the expiration date of the Markle marriage.

Meghan has made it a point to appear in public without her husband, how much longer before she’s appearing without her re-made wedding ring? Tell us what you think royal fans!

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