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Prince Harry Told To ‘Let Go’ Of Reunion Plans

It’s just not going to happen, no matter how hard he tries to push it. Royal Family News suggests Prince Harry has been told to forget about having a royal reunion, because there’s no way that anyone other than King Charles will want to set foot in the same room with him ever again, and especially now that the royal racist row has been reignited again. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Told To ‘Let Go’ Of Reunion Plans

As many royal fans know by now, Omid Scobie’s new book, Endgame, accidentally released the names of the two royals who were accused of being racist towards Meghan Markle’s unborn child back in 2019.

They apparently showed ‘concerns’ about how dark the baby’s skin would be. And because of all the attention that it’s getting in the headlines again, one PR expert thinks that for Prince Harry, things will never be the same ever again between him and his family.

Prince Harry Told To ‘Let Go’ Of Reunion Plans

That’s why it’s best that he just focus on his own family with Meghan Markle. At least, for now. 

Laura Perkes put it this way,It feels like Harry has finally accepted that fighting for what he wants isn’t getting him any closer to a resolution, therefore he needs to let it go and learn to move forward.”

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The PR expert then said, “Time is a great healer, so it may be that he needs to let the dust settle and focus on other aspects of his life. Over time, reconciliation may happen, once all parties involved are ready to do so, but the relationship will never be the same again, and that’s something he needs to live with.”

So far Prince Harry himself has not made any comments about the matter, nor has he made any comments about whether or not he and Meghan Markle still plan on traveling to the UK for Christmas. Watch this space for more royal drama to come.

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  1. Judy says

    I think the entire royal family needs to grow up
    Charles,William and Harry need to sit down and straighten this mess out. William is a pompous ass.
    Life isn’t all about him. Camilla,Kate and Maghen need to stay out of it. This is a father and TWO sons, not just one. Charles needs to step up and take charge and be a man and a father to his children, considering he’s the one that destroyed their lives with their mum

  2. Tsbeans says

    H you spit on your family over & over. Now you want them to welcome you with open arms & glad hearts. More the fool are you.
    Divorce TW, get into therapy, & stop talking & hate of your family. Then MAYBE someday they’ll forgive you. Trust you, never.

  3. Katherine Herring says

    I think all of them need to grow up and being absolutely petty. I am sick of one downing the other when ALL OF THEM ARE AT FAULT. No one is above reproach.

  4. Joe says

    Harry/Henry decided he did not want to belong to British royalty or his family. He decided to bad mouthed and betray the Queen of England, betrayed prince Philip, did not care how much he would hurt his father, brother, his grandparents, he betrayed his country….and he is selfish crying over his own wrongdoing. Harry should feel ashamed of himself. No turning back.. England needs to do what’s right, remove his titles, Duke and duchess need to be removed .. let him and his wife earn a living like the rest of us…. We all wonder how light or dark out children will be and how they will look like… That is not racist…we all wonder…we still love our children however they turn out to look like …most likely like us! Betrayal is wrong..

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